Skyltryanka from Luremax Sensor.

As you already understood, we will talk about the color of the used collapsible cheburashka, and more precisely, about its combination with silicone. Undoubtedly, this in the complex adds the fisherman faith in the bait used. If you are a supporter of those who do not believe in the color of the cargo and / or silicone, then it makes no sense to continue reading, your opinion is unlikely to change. For those who think differently, I’ll tell you about my bait, which I believed in. It consists of red colored collapsible cheburashka and bright yellow vibro-tail Luremax Sensor.

In general, I do not really believe in bright baits, preferring dark tones, but at one point something went wrong and I got a bright yellow Sensor. I personally prefer the combination of yellow silicone and the red color of the folding cheburashka, but you can experiment, I will gladly listen to your observations and see photos of the fish caught.

Let me remind you, Sensor is a thin vibro-tail in a classic shape with a small classic heel. There are three types of sizes in the lineup, but the largest one is interesting to me – 9.5 centimeters, since the role was assigned to it as a treat for pike perch and bersh. Since I often catch with double hooks, I decided not to leave the tradition here either, 1/0 size hooks fit perfectly.

The soft silicone Luremax Sensor responds well to any spinning animation: throws, a kind of drawing and other tricks. At the same time, the bait wriggles well from side to side, thereby attracting the fanged. If we consider it on the other hand, then the combination of red and yellow probably acts as an irritant, and not as an object of food, so the predator in every possible way tries to “destroy” it when it appears on the way.

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Each autumn fishing I devoted a certain amount of time to the skill-keeper, in order to gather an understanding of the dependence of color on the activity of a predator in different weather conditions and time of day.

Sudak eagerly attacked the bait, but in most cases the size of the caught individuals did not reach the “edibility”, therefore, after the photo shoot, he returned to his native element to grow. Bersh, on the other hand, was more likely to catch the size. In these places he is especially beautiful. And there is an assumption that it was one of them that bit off the heel of one bait. Luremax Sensor is very resistant to the teeth of a predator, I will check it on a pike soon, let's see who is who!

On the whole, such a "skillful" was good, and most importantly, stably bringing fish until collapsible cheburashka ended and the essence of the experiments was gone, although the catch was not on non-colored lead either. This year I plan to continue the combination of colored collapsible cheburashka with silicone, what will come of it soon we will find out, but for now, bye everyone!