"Sinker-peg for universal kukan", options.

Good afternoon.

The fact is that in the previous article "Sinker-peg …" I, out of habit, posted a drawing of the part for machine processing. But machining is not available to most fishermen. Therefore, I bring two options for the manufacture of sinkers at home or in the garage.

Option 1.

This option was suggested to me by a colleague from a previous job, a fisherman and a hunter. To attach the sinker to the kukan, he suggested using an eye bolt. An eye bolt is a standard fastening element that is almost never found in everyday life, but is widely used in industry and construction. Upon request on the Internet "Eye Bolt M6 DIN 580" you can find sellers. Eye bolts are available in galvanized, painted stainless steel. I advise you to use the M6 ​​eyebolt galvanized, the cost in the region of 40rub.

The conical part of the sinker can be processed on an electric emery. The most difficult thing is to drill a hole for the M6 ​​thread along the axis of the bar.

Option 2

It is easier. For fastening, a spring ring is used. You can find a suitable one on the Internet by request of "A spring ring for keys" or use it from an unnecessary key fob. Only you need to choose a strong one with a minimum inner diameter of 25mm.

With this note, I end the description of "Universal Cook" dated March 23, 2020. All its elements are developed, it remains to make 3mm hooks and a sinker-peg (I plan an option with an eye bolt). But this, I believe, will not be soon. How to make, or maybe try, lay out the photos.

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