Sinker-peg for a kukan. (continuation of the note of March 23, 2020. "The cook is universal"

Good afternoon.

I apologize in advance for the clumsy name of the part, I did not come up with another.

Looking through the options for home-made cooks on the Internet, for myself, I divided them into two groups according to their purpose:

1. Cooking boats for fishing from a boat have a length of 1m to 3m. The lower end of the kukan is equipped with a loop for fastening the sinker so that the fish on the kukan does not float around the boat. Sinkers are made of various metals (usually lead), of various shapes and weighing from 300g. up to 1kg.

2. Kukans for fishing from the coast have a length of 2m to 5m. The end of the kukan is sometimes equipped with a float.

I wanted to develop a “universal kukan” (see the previous note), so I made the kukan 2m long (2m I think is optimal for rivers over a course), and made a sinker in the form of a peg from a steel bar. In the boat, the sinker-peg is fastened to the kukan with an additional carabiner, and on the shore it is hammered with any stone into the ground at the water's edge to a depth of 30 cm, the kukan is fastened to it. This is true in places where the water does not have trees or bushes. The weight of the sinker-peg is 410g.

Below is a working drawing of this part. It is made of a steel bar with a diameter of 15 mm (you can use bars with a diameter of 14 mm or 16 mm) from steel 12X18H10T – the most common stainless steel. Abroad, there is a similar steel grade 1810. Most imported pots, covers of pans, etc. made of this steel. If you remember, in the 90s there was a massive advertisement for Zeptor cookware, supposedly it was made of special, useful, food-grade steel 1810. Trusting Russians bought these pans for a lot of money. But the peasants did not know that they had been eating Soviet stamped spoons and forks from bowls from the same special, useful, domestic steel for several decades. But I was distracted. You can use any other stainless. steel, brass, bronze or, finally, plain carbon steel, you just have to wipe the sinker dry after use each time. The specific gravities of these metals are not very different. The length of the sinker-peg, you can also change at your discretion.

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In connection with the coronavirus, I did not manage to make this part, therefore I bring a drawing, not a photograph.