Simple and catchy


This year, in my collection of fishing lures, replenishment, so to speak, “recruits” from the AKKOI company, I previously spoke about the Micro Killer model, today we will talk about PRIME in the amount of 77 millimeters.

Reviews: Simple and Catchy

I already had baits of similar design from two other manufacturers and even compared them, which is probably why I was eager to try out PRIME. I considered other fish, such as pike and pike perch, as a bonus, but I would be happy to catch them.

Reviews: Simple and Catchy

The tests fell behind the curtain of August, at a place at the exit from the main channel to the spit with depths of three to five meters. The perch at this point was also local, as a rule – small, and a bit larger that it raided on raids, eating everything in its path. We did not find the last 3 fishing trips, we had to constantly move around and rock the local robber.

Reviews: Simple and Catchy

The load mainly used from 10 to 16 grams, the perch ignored the tosses, preferring the classic wiring with pauses from 1 to 4 seconds. Of the two colors of the bait available in the box, I want to highlight the color SE25, which always worked. My friends, picked up the key, but regardless of the silicone bait they used, I always won by the number of tails caught.

Reviews: Simple and Catchy

What a perch in PRIME of this color likes and who reminds one remains a mystery to this day. Naturally, and with Angela, he shared baits that you won’t do after the threat of being hit by an oar. We have such jokes when someone catches, and someone does not.

Reviews: Simple and Catchy

In conclusion, I will again touch upon the topic of tenderness of the applicable material in the manufacture. Firstly, you need to double the double carefully, without breaking the bait, and secondly, the tail that bit off each fishing is striped, for example, out of 10 pieces, only 3 are left.

Reviews: Simple and Catchy

As for the other fish, there was a gathering of pike, and a small little ship, but as they say, for them I have rubber from a hundred millimeters, that's all, To all the NCHN, Respectfully Sergey Egoist!


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