Silicone baits for dummies part 2.

After writing about the use of Rubicon Twister Tail silicone 35 mm long on my trips and continuing the theme of twisters, I think it is right to tell about another budget model from the line of soft baits of this company. It will be about a very unusual, so to speak not classical for me, and I think for many anglers the twister shape.

The Rubicon Amal Twister has a length of 60 millimeters, but taking into account the long tail, it stretches by at least 30 more. Initially, I thought that such a bait could be swallowed only by large perches, and planned to use it only in order to cut off small pieces. But as practice has shown, everything is far from the case, I will tell about this and not only below.

The first fishing trip with Amal Twister took place on Lake Kaban when we were visiting a relative in Kazan. The goal was just to cut off the trifle, because according to the reports of Kazan fishermen, striped ones measuring 300-350 grams sometimes slip. Posting, first contacts with fish. Perch clearly lacks the greed or confidence to swallow silicone. Another thrust and first perch on the Amal Twister. Then another half a dozen perches were caught, but their size did not differ much, and in order to increase the efficiency, I changed the bait and stocked it up for the autumn trips.

This year I got the impression that the Indian summer did not end, only took breaks for a couple of days. In general, the weather was good, albeit windy, but warm. In the fall, a lot of time was devoted to finding fat perches, so I often resorted to using the Rubicon Amal Twister. A table-sized perch, from the first attack, completely swallowed silicone – the approaching zeal of a predator was felt. But all attempts to find a larger perch, and I’m now talking about striped 500 grams +, have remained the goal of this year, which is not destined to come true yet.

If we talk about the vitality of silicone, then despite the thin flat tail, the perch never managed to tear it off – the silicone is strong, but very elastic. A detachment of the tail is still possible, but in my practice this has not happened yet, and if it did, it would be easy to replace the bait with a new one, because there are 10 of them in the zip package. There were no other fish, despite the fact that in places where pike perch lives, for example, I caught with Amal Twister, there was no catch, but nothing, next year I will continue my observations. If this happens, I will definitely mention it in my reports, but for now Everyone, bye, Respectfully Sergey Egoist!

Amanda K. Benson

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