Sheltered from the wind.

I always try to plan a weekend at the beginning of the working week, so that I can go fishing and have time for my family. This time, the departure fell on Saturday, despite the fact that forecasters promised a strong wind. Initially, we planned to go to the area of ​​the village of Biurgan, but did not tempt fate in the wind with gusts of 12-14 meters and went to Dusai kichu.

There are many fishermen on the shore, including those from the neighboring republic, counted at least 15 cars – cold nights are not a hindrance for many. The water fell, the shore was dirty, fortunately, the place where the boat was launched was a little equipped, I added a couple of sheets of plywood and lowered the boat.

We decided to first check how the perch is doing there, and then go in search of the fanged. In an hour and a half, several contacts and only two perches, which is so unusual for Dusai kichu. The wind began to disperse the wave, and we went on the riverbed.

Stopping at one of the turns, a resounding click and the first fangstick to “skiltstryanka”. Then a change of bait and a couple of babies. The Mescalito from Maximus clearly recorded every touch of the fish to the bait. A handsome bersh was also caught, who first touched the bait, and then decided to press it, as his “older brother” often does.

Change of location, activity for a few minutes and then silence again. The impression was that we were shooting the most active fish from the point of view, the rest either waited for a “exit” or required experiments with the weight and silicone. Finally, the first pike perch on the verge of edibility for a jig from Ivan, previously he caught only with iron.

Another stop and Ivan’s bite and descent in snags. A little upset, I straightened the silicone on the hook and again cast in the same direction. We think that this same toothy one that did not spot the first time again pleased with the bite. This time everything ended well, though not for the pike.

We decide to radically change the place to a fierce snag, and it is so high that sometimes we even managed to lose the bait in it during exhaustion. Several bites for two, but there was no result, as it turned out later, it might be a small pike, one of these, no more than 500 grams, was caught by Yegor.

As a result of fishing, I have no more than 10 pike perch, I let everyone go, they did not grow up. Since Vanya, after fishing, still had to go to the village at 12 o’clock, we already drove towards the coast. On this all, All NCHNKh with respect, Sergey Egoist!

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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