Secretly .. Quietly .. silently .. fishing as partisans

In the whole country these are not the best of times, in megacities the most severe control on movement, in some regions it is weaker, and in the outback it is even easier. Sit at home, but since the work of Russian Railways does not stop activity, you need to go, the situation is twofold, of course, but oh well, let's not talk about sad things. Honestly, I missed you very much fishing and following all the recommendations, the mask, gloves and moving on personal vehicles went to a remote place where there will be practically no one, self-isolation is complete !!!

I parked behind the bushes, the disguise does not hurt and wandered on foot a kilometer and a half on the road. Remote channels where you want to catch a pike if it is active. Nature is already changing very much and everything is blooming, breathing in "a breath of fresh air" gathered a light, put on a working wobbler and carefully began to throw bait along the coast with overgrown branches without creating too much noise, the main thing is not to hook it.

Depths here are from 50 cm to 1.5 meters, so it will be necessary to use appropriate baits, poppers in shallow water and small wobblers in deep areas. It is closer to me, the beginning of the channel is more shallow with a gradual deepening, so you need to put into operation a composer or popper. He started with a popper and literally immediately caught the first little pike, which pleased him with his resistance, was completely weaned from it already, she told me emotions, of course, she gave me freedom.

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Transitions, change of baits, silence … On a small wobbler Riko that has a deepening, I was able to catch an okush, a pleasant surprise. And then from this point, but from the other end I caught a docile toothy beauty. This is a strong fish, has completely departed from spawning and is gaining strength.

The plot is deep and here peaceful fish walk a lot, and the concentration of predatory is also greater. Several exits were but all by, but if something goes wrong for a long time, it will work out. I managed to catch the prankish girl, who, of course, released him after the photo.

I remember one place, the canal has a slight expansion and under the opposite bank a tree branched in the water. On the first cast, a kindergarten pike is caught, I move a little further to change the wiring path and another spotted one attacks Asaka composite wobbler, then I tried to catch it but there was no one else.

After that, I went back, with reeds and bushes so that no one could see, quickly into the car and home, while fishing I visited a little, took a deep breath …