Secret pond "jump"

Secret pond "jump"The month of June counts the last days. After a cool and rainy spring, a relatively cool May, summer, as if trying to catch up, burst into real heat. The mercury column in the daytime is approaching the forty-degree mark, even night does not bring saving coolness. Despite all my efforts, I could not persuade anyone from the carp family to bite. Although I tried many ways: I caught both a donkey and a fishing rod, and even into the wiring. I tried every conceivable and not conceivable nozzle and bait. The fish stubbornly refused to peck. Well, you can’t argue against nature, and I would have reconciled with such a popular sign, if not for the following case …

On Saturday, Sister Tanya came to visit us, with her husband Sergei and their daughter, Yana. Seryozha, a true fishing enthusiast, informed me that he and his colleagues were going fishing on Sunday. And he proposed to keep them company. Naturally, I could not refuse such an invitation. The only condition set before me was that I should not open the place of their body of water. According to him, this is their secret reservoir of "jump". So during the Great Patriotic War, alternate aerodromes were called, which served to increase the radius of action of our aircraft. At such airfields, our pilots, departing from the base airfield, made an intermediate landing and, having refueled their combat vehicles, appeared behind enemy lines in places where, in the opinion of the enemy, there should not be any Russian aviation intelligence. Having successfully completed the combat mission, they were safely returning to the base with the help of the “jump” airfield.

That's exactly what their secret pond was. After a reasonable question, what kind of fish is supposed to be caught, the laconic answer, as befits the military, followed: "carp, carp." But since the trunk of the old 1982 Toyota Corolla wasn’t very spacious, I was advised not to get carried away with gear, but to take the most necessary, based on two fishing rods per person. I settled on the Salmo Diamond 100 feeder rod equipped with the Salmo Diamond Feeder reel, which housed the repeatedly tested carp equipment and the Salmo Diamond XM Bolognese telescopic five-meter fishing rod with a small reel. Not forgetting the naturally folding landing net, as well as the hiking backpack, which contained a cage, a pencil case with spare leashes, floats and other fishing gear. As a nozzle, it was decided to use canned corn “Bonduelle”. At four o’clock in the morning we set off, having previously captured two colleagues of Sergey. An unusual crimson color in the sky, like a fantastic planet, shone the full moon.

Habitually wrapping kilometers of track on our wheels, our car moved toward its intended target. The road was, to put it mildly, unimportant, most of it was lanes. And those few sections of asphalt looked more like a front-line road dotted with pits, as if the Messer link worked on it. About two hours later, along the sleeping Don steppe, we reached the final goal of our journey. The lake stretched from east to southwest for five kilometers, the width reached about two kilometers. This lake fed a small rivulet. The peculiarity of this lake was that its entire northern shore, where we assumed fishing, was a continuous wall of reed. And the choice of a place for fishing, without a boat, was unrealistic. It was simply impossible to approach the water. But the guys confidently led me along a path that was barely visible in the dawn dusk, and soon Alexander and Vladimir stopped near two cozy bays that opened up access to water. And with the words: “after fifty meters to the west you will find a great place,” they began to set up their fishing spots.

And, indeed, soon Sergey and I went to a rather wide bay, which allows fishing together, without interfering with each other. Getting to fishing. Having charged the feeder loop with a piece of makucha and planted corn on short hooks No. 5, I throw the tackle about 30 meters from the coast. I install the rod on the stands. Eight meters from the shore, I feed a place for float fishing. I cast a fishing rod, and immediately begins to take medium-sized roach for the dough. After the capture of three grams of carp, one hundred each, I decide to cut a trifle, and instead of dough, I plant corn. The bite becomes much smaller, but it takes mainly large roach weighing about 300 g. At this time, the friction clutch on the feeder reel is triggered, I make the catch with a fishing rod and proceed to fishing. Seryoga comes to my aid with a landing net. After a short struggle, the first trophy is on the shore. This is a 2.5 kg mirror carp. This beginning gives me more confidence and optimism, in the correctness of the chosen tactics – to make the main bet on the feeder. Yes, and the tackle did not disappoint me.

Having planted the next portion of corn, I make a new cast. In the meantime, he takes a kilogram carp on the “float” and migrates to the cage to the mirror carp. After 20 minutes, the feeder comes to life again. This opponent resists more persistently, but again, with the help of Sergei, who manages the landing net, ashore, and then a kilo carp is caught in the kindergarten. And although he lost weight to the mirror carp, he fought for life more aggressively and was superior in strength to the carp. The Diamond Feeder Rod handles all jerking fish. Due to the structure and strength when fishing with carp and carp, it is easy to control and clearly wind it in the net.

I also want to note the good mailiness of the form – the feeder throws both far and accurately. Rarely does a budget range feeder rod work so clearly. Bites occur with enviable constancy, with an interval of 20-30 minutes. And they do not always end in our favor. Twice a 0.2 mm leash breaks off at Sergey, and the fish that won the fight takes the hook with them to the depths. The bites took place as if from a run, without a preliminary leisurely sample of the nozzle. Simply, followed by a powerful pull in depth. But everything, and the good, also ends when it is not. It is noon, and although the nibble continues, it is time to return home. The result of our five-hour fishing is as follows: I caught nine fish with a total weight of 16 kg. Earring – six, with a total weight of 10 kg.

author Valery SVIRIDENKO


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