Search for the striped! How did we find him.

Good afternoon Dear readers, viewers, observers.

Now I will tell you the story of one interesting day spent fishing.

The month of April is the time of the most successful fishing trips. The birds singing, the murmur of streams, the warm rays of the sun, a quick and clear tan, the hissing ice underfoot and many other factors that warm the soul, give free rein to fantasies and philosophies. And when still and calm – this is just the height of bliss …. And so, we’ll continue, to be honest for the whole winter, I personally went to the reservoir very often, but I wasn’t lucky to catch large fish, but the fish pleased me with bites, I won’t hide it. In general, I’m fed up with letting go, and something needs to be smoked … My father and I decided to get out on the perch, look for its spring parking, because when the water is dumped on the reservoir, the ice aground (braids, navels, shallows), and thereby grooves form, the coves he goes to feed on. It was in such places that we were looking for him. In the morning, the frost crushed, it was -9, but literally a couple of hours later the sun began to warm in the spring and there were only rumors about -9, legs in boots simply burned, face tanned. And most importantly, birds sang in the middle of the reservoir. You sit, and they sing so beautifully! Lepota.

I was carried away by the beauties, the weather. Now about the fisherman. I want to say the day did not immediately ask. While riding, it was stinking from under the hood of a snowmobile, I looked at the slides – they are normally lubricated. But still, I had to drive slowly, stopping periodically. Since snow has long since fallen and you drive almost on bare ice, scrapers have been installed that throw ice shavings onto the ice rinks. We arrived for the first island, “Here we will try,” I thought, and stopped to drill a hole and check for fish. On this site there were 10 people for 100 meters, one of them was local and this gave hope that there is fish. I decided to break through 5 holes with an echo sounder and a camera, I didn’t see a single fish, a bunch of shells and a few crustaceans were visible. Without thinking twice, I wound up all the search tools and we drove along the islands, checking the promising "in my opinion places." But alas, there was no fish anywhere and again was not, and again was not. We drove along the braids and islands for 10 kilometers, I guess. Then 2 more snowmobiles arrived, which were engaged in a similar search. It turned out that we drove into a large whirlpool, which was formed inside the braids, I decided to pour tea and go to chat. It turned out, Guys know me, watch my videos, chatted together, laughed. By the way, they already combed about 20 km without bites …. “We always catch perch here in the spring, it bites after 11,” said Alexander, “Why did we leave so early then,” Vadim answered. It was, of course, funny, but not for long, because at 11 the fish did not peck. I found a hole in a huge whirlpool, in which I caught 2 perches and that's it. Again empty. They decided to move still, in the distance a crowd of about 20. They arrived, talked, it turned out the fish were and pecked, but with a flash of 15 minutes and that’s all …. Well, on the way to them 2 more promising whirlpools were identified, where we went, it pleases that no one is around, but if you sit for a long time they begin to appear. What exact hole I hit the fish I won’t tell, but I hit, I found I thought. I caught 2 perches, a moto-dog drove past 3-5 meters from me, and that’s all, the fish on the echo sounder was gone … why on the shallows, and not on the shallows, you can’t go around. The fish are no longer in this hole. Then Comrade Timothy arrived and told us that we were on the right track, that every year he was closing here on a perch. In general, having drunk a hundred meters, we again caught fish, they pecked actively, just lower them, gatherings, bites, fish – just a dream, not fishing, but it didn’t last long, he approached, the people drove up and it played a hike – the biting verse. Everything! Then we drove back, simultaneously checking those holes that were drilled on the way to the place of fishing. But all in vain. Such fishing was outstanding, it turned out for the whole day that it only pecked for 20 minutes, the rest of the time they were just looking. There were enough fish for a smokehouse, everyone was satisfied.

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I write a fishing report and nostalgically recall these bites, this weather …. Yes, I forgot to say, write, they caught a ball in the 3rd size on a nail and a drop on the tulku.

All in a good mood and most importantly stretched woods. Who wants can watch the video on my report!