Saturday at Fish Ponds with Young Fisherman SPb!

Saturday at Fish Ponds with Young Fisherman SPb!

It’s hard to describe so many impressions in one day, but I’ll try. The second lesson of the Young Fisherman SPb team was scheduled for Saturday. This day confirmed that more than 2 students should not fall on one trainer. Otherwise, it will be profanation of training and the process itself should not exceed more than 4 hours. On the bridges. Egor Ilyin corrected the task. For the children were prepared "training" baubles. The path to these classes was not a short one – Alexey Obukhov with his grandchildren looked over and attended our classes in December and January. It was a meaningful step. Now the choice is for young fishermen

And the day began with the raising of the flag over the Fish Ponds. From the old flag raised 2.5 years ago, there is practically nothing left. Now the flag flies over your favorite pond. May he bring good luck to everyone.

Trout fishing in the Republic of Poland is slowly turning into a meeting place for like-minded people and fishing enthusiasts. On this day, it also took on a new form. And in the literal and figurative sense of the word. Now, the friends and team of our Club Young Fisherman SPb takes on its official form. The guys from the team dressed up in new T-shirts and caps of the club, they became noticeable on the walkways. The backbone of a new team of friends and like-minded people is being created. It’s also an honor for me to enter the club of professional handmade trout.

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It's nice to share your latest products with professionals and help friends. Yesterday a handmade release from Gennady was presented to Yegor. It's nice to talk with people who know how to work with their hands, not their language. I am pleased to collect future suppliers of professional gear and lures for my IP. This is real handmade from real masters. These products can appeal to both amateurs and professionals.

There were many acquaintances and friends on the walkways. It has become a tradition for me to take photographs from a reservoir. Happy and tense faces, smiles, emotions. Memorable photos for a personal story. Download.

My friends Valery Romanov arrived with my mother Tatyana Fedorovna. Valero put on the wing 2 times already. Mom caught 2 trouts, one got off. Valery 4 pieces. All the catch on my baits. Pleasure received. Thanks from Valery and mom for the beautifully cooked smoked trout. Thanks to the fish ponds for the delicious food.

Dan came in the evening with a friend. They climbed the rivers of LO. The stream didn’t work out very well. An hour before closing, everyone enjoyed the capture. I am glad that Dan, from the second cast on my RAL, a chameleon with a white substrate immediately caught a trout. More than a hundred gifted spinners bring captures to my friends, and most importantly, thanks to the author – it works. So it was not in vain that he tried.

I would like to say thanks to all the guys from the Fish Pond Administration for the warm welcome and all that you do for the fishermen, for the joy of catching, for the comfort, for the support of our club and the Team of Young Fishermen. Thank!!!

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