Running away from an unexpected flood

Recently visited the Volgograd reservoir in order to search for zander. Escaping from the sudden high water assigned to us from above, I wanted to ride through the vast expanses, and just catch the fish for my own pleasure without fear that another slip would drown without a trace during daylight hours.

Despite the short road through the whole city, we love to visit these places for extraordinary beauty, both on the banks and in the underwater kingdom. My biggest pike in my life was caught here, here you can catch plenty of pike perch and not jostle at one point with five boats, in general, the reservoir is interesting and in its own way bewitching, not always hospitable, but with great potential for large fish.

Arriving at the place, it became clear that the flood left its traces here too – water to the eyeballs, and she arrived. Naturally, this didn’t have a good effect on fishing, and given that during the daylight hours the water fluctuated several times by about half a meter, and you could completely forget about the fish if it weren’t for the great depths of the explosives. We did find a little pike perch here. Having traveled all the hot spots up to 12 meters, they came to the depths last, and, as it turned out, in vain. On a stall from 15 to 17 meters, it suddenly pecked. First, bershs, and then arrived in time and lump. Nice size, but nothing outstanding, but steadily eating the bait deeply and eagerly.

Reports from Ponds: Running Away from Unexpected High Water

Oddly enough, the beginning is mostly pecking at one color. Relax Texas in L320 coloring is the favorite vibrotail of my friends from PAL and part-time teammates at the office. sports, Zhenya and Sasha, for the first time gave me most of the working silicone shoes. The rest worked clearly worse, and only violet colors in other forms sometimes at least somehow showed themselves on the fish. The rule turned out this way – either you catch it on this bait, or you put another one and “experiment”, you wait until at least something deigns to peck. Close to him was the Luremax sensor in transparent color with lots of red and black sparkles, but still it was a bit wrong. Violet that day indisputably brought fish more often.

Reports from Ponds: Running Away from Unexpected High Water

It is interesting that such an approach in fish was observed precisely at greater depths, in shallow places (and the shallowest place where it pecked turned out to be 14 meters deep) the fish also responded to other colors.

Reports from Ponds: Running Away from Unexpected High Water

In the boat, as usual on this fishing, I was helped by Maximus Mescalito 802MH – a permanent partner in jig fishing, which recently has more and more pushed other bows to the background. Fast, rigorous and moderately resilient, it copes with the declared test very well, often goes beyond it and at the same time endures everything without even straining. Here, his qualities were more than enough at any point, since he couldn’t catch more than 40 grams, and where theoretically it would be possible to throw harder, the wind simply did not allow you to catch, dispersing a meter wave.

Reports from Ponds: Running Away from Unexpected High Water

All fishing went through an active search for fish, but as a result, systemically pecked in only three places. Although of course the systemic bite is said so loudly, it was just able to consistently manage to catch at least someone when visiting these points, sometimes even of a credible size. Compared to the rest of the vast, but for the most part empty water area, this was already for happiness. Given what is happening below the hydroelectric power station, so many bites are a gift at all. I hope that soon everything will settle down and the fish will come to its senses, but for now it remains only to wait.

Reports from Ponds: Running Away from Unexpected High Water

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