Rotating spinners company Mepps. Part 1

Rotating spinners company Mepps. Part 1Meble's spinners are a sample of the design of spinning spinners on a wire core. Such elements as the luster-shaped bracket (shackle), the second bearing (divider), the profile and shape of the petals, and the assembly technique are recognized as the standard of the lush classic. The shape of the petals and the individual nodes of the lures of the company Mepps are to a varying degree borrowed and copied by many manufacturers of fishing lures. To date, the spinners of the company Mepps among the baits assembled on a wire frame, in terms of efficiency and popularity, have no equal to themselves.

Spinner Aglia Winner

Bauble with a lightweight set of core. There is no load and the third bearing, they are replaced by a plastic sleeve. The design of the bait provides replacement tee. The tee is equipped with a bright red edge that performs the following tasks:
– to attract the attention of fish;
– protect against hooking over the grass.
The spoon has been specially designed for fishing in shallow areas of water bodies, partially overgrown with aquatic vegetation.

Glitter Aglia Moushe

A spoon with a hand-made front sight is indispensable for catching predatory fish in the period of its least activity. It has long been observed that a fish at a certain time of fishing for bait without a feathered tee takes extremely reluctantly. This spoon is the perfect combination of good game and high-quality flies, vibrating with the rotation of the petal and attracting the attention of predatory fish. In some rivers and reservoirs of asp and chub without this lure it is extremely difficult to catch. It is noticed that even on Akhtuba, in the middle of summer, these fish take on “pure” spinners extremely reluctantly. Here the main thing is to find a good combination of petal coloring and color scheme of the front sight, the angler has a good choice.

Blesna Aglia TW Streamer

The bauble is equipped with a manual knitting streamer on a tackle. Unusually catchy bait for catching all inactive predatory fish. It is simply irreplaceable during the stratification of water and when fishing in civilized reservoirs, as well as during periods of low fish activity, associated not only with abrupt changes in atmospheric pressure but also with temperature jumps. Baubles are most effective for delicate fishing on UL gear. Wiring is required rather slow, if the fishing takes place in the current, it is allowed to withstand significant pauses, in which the lure is in a free swim. It is at such a leisurely pace that the vibration from the rotating petal is fully transmitted to the streamer. With proper wiring at the bait (streamer + lures) a single complex oscillatory circuit is created, attracting all the fish at a considerable distance.

The advantages and, in part, the disadvantages of the combined bait include the fact that large pike weighing 3 kg or more are often taken for ultra light tandem and delicate tackle (spinning fishing line). Therefore, an angler in ponds with a large number of pikes is forced to put on a rather long, elegant leash, since a primitively twisted or coarse can nullify all the advantages of a lure. In particular, a leash of braided diameter of 0.12-0.15 mm is suitable. The process of winning large specimens is often unpredictable. I repeatedly got into pure “pike” reservoirs, where a well-fed, capricious predator was consistently caught exclusively on the spinners of the Aglia TW group weighing 4.7 g or 6.8 g.

Blesna bug

Bait Bug (beetle) – an indispensable bait for catching semi-predatory fish, especially ide, chub and asp. The imitation core and wide half-open petals for certain species of insects, along with an artificial front sight, give the lure a peculiar look to a moth or beetle that has fallen into the water. Compared to other models of rotating spinners from Mepps, the center of gravity of the core of the baits of Bug is shifted to the head of the bait, and its end has a pointed conical shape, which, unlike cylindrical, round or barrel-shaped, does not counterbalance with vibrations and vibrations arising from rotation petals. With slightly accelerated posting, the lure accurately imitates moths that have fallen into the water, beetles, randomly rushing around the surface or in the water column, making minor periodic accelerations, which are a direct signal to the predator's attack.

When properly wired in the upper layer of water, the lures leave foamed strip-tracks on the surface, exactly the same as from insects falling into the water. But even complete resemblance to insects moving in the water is not enough for a well-fed fish to attack a spoon, especially in the case of an elephant. It is very important to choose the right color bait. The core, petals and front sight must exactly match the color of the insects that make up the food base of the fish of the given water body. On spinners with fancy color, well-fed fish, such as chub and ide, react reluctantly. In reservoirs without a current, wiring is most effective with periodic acceleration of the lure and its exit to the surface. When monotonous and uniform wiring bait may be interested only hungry predator. Not having mastered the specifics of catching on the lamb of the Bug, one cannot count on stable catches. However, in individual reservoirs, this spoon is the only argument in favor of capturing a large capricious ide.

authors: Pyshkov, Smirnov
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