“Rotan of the White Nights” gathered 33 participants this year, but what kind of people they were! Having chosen the pack of Luremax rubber for registration, men who have no sports skills did not want to give in to the famous sportsmen and trampled on my intentions to divide them into categories!

Athletes also shook their dedication and thoughtful tactics. Alexei Shevelev brought a 9-meter move with a pointed tip, on which he thrust gaping rotans, carefully sealing them with holes in his side, and Artem Bondarev drowned in the pond IPhone 4S a month before the competition and scored the coordinates to take it out at the competition and win in the nomination "the most unusual catch." Moreover, despite the absence of this nomination in the regulations, he calculated its appearance – a genius, in a word.

The men brought their wives, brought the children to maximally occupy the pedestal and improve the well-being of families with Maximus spinning, SnastiGood silicone baits and Comfortboat boating equipment, and Danil Yurchenko, who was in the lead after round 1 (for the first place, the prize was unnecessary for his motor cart) the required amount of seats and managed to move down to 3rd place, having acquired the coveted platform for installing the captain's chair in a PVC boat.

The young ladies entrusted their infants to non-fishing husbands, while they themselves fought desperately, catching sluggish rotan out of muddy water, gazing vigilantly at strollers with their heirs who were rolling around.

For a long time Artemy Mitrofanov could not decide what kind of Japanese spinning in his 8 years more convenient to show the class to adult uncles – Smith up to 2 grams, or Evergreen up to 3 grams.

Our sponsors and assistants to the St. Petersburg club of fishing enthusiasts to them. Vakhmistrov and Oleg Britov personally, who opened before the winners wallets with trout spinners of their own production, giving away their favorite copies, as well as issuing a fresh issue of Sport Fisheries to everyone who came to weigh the catch.

Only a large rotan let down a little, which deftly dodged 2 times from Shevelev's peaks, time from the casting grid of Igor Kuznetsov, mockingly spat a stream of water into Sasha Vostrikov’s eye when he bent down to quench his thirst from the pond, and did not want to visit the weight basin of our festival , sending us a younger brother to 133 grams.

It was unusually easy this year for me, the organizer, who received not only the material and prize base from the noble donors-sponsors (see the hashtags below), but also the experienced Alexander Vostrikov and Oleg Britov in the co-organizers.

Until we meet again, and remember, Rotan of the White Nights is you! # jesuisrotbelbellychey (political joke)

The festival would not have taken place if we didn’t have such sensitive and attentive sponsors and partners:

1. Portal S-fishing with information support, as well as much-needed weights. (

2. Petersburg club lovers of fishing them. A.I. Vakhmistrov and Oleg Britov personally. (

3. The company Ecotechnology, representing the brand Maximus, Luremax, Alaskan and others (

4. SnastiGood, a silicone industry company and their leader, Dmitry Semenov. (

5. Company for the production of boating equipment Comfortboat with the widest range. (

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