Rockfishing intensive in Abkhazia

More than two weeks have passed since my return from this warm rock-fish land, and I am still trying to collect myself, my thoughts and conclusions in a handful and write a short report on my ten-day vacation, combined with fishing, in mid-September in Abkhazia. But vivid emotions and impressions are still stronger, so it is difficult to write short and succinctly, on the other hand, I understand that if I don’t write now, I’ll hardly do it at all, routine and work will do their dirty deed.

In short, the fishing was a success.

This was already my third trip with travel spinning to warm seas, but really conscious, with preliminary theoretical preparation and thoughtful selection of gear and lures – the first. Hence, probably, the finally obtained more or less stable result.

By tackle. The rod is the same “horse mackerel” 4x private travel Major Craft CRX-S694AJI with a test of 0.6-10g, in my opinion, very versatile. Sometimes, of course, there was a lack of something slower and “mebaring” for long casts of 2 grams, but sometimes the restraining resource of this peg helped to force the playing of a strong sea fish from stones and algae, and the hardsolid tip added sensitivity to the hand, and therefore – and emotions on bites (exclusively my subjective opinion, I do not pretend to be an expert in tackle in any case). In addition to lead and rubber, he took wobblers, vibrators with him, and even bought one Japanese jig. With all this spinning works perfectly, but I didn’t get caught right away, and in the end I didn’t spend precious time on them, I rested on my favorite microjig, and it went well.

The most working bait, no matter how trite, is the most popular Japanese rubber, the so-called. “Passion fruit” (Marukyu Power Isome, white and dark green, in size L) and several types of crayfish (“Hogly Hog”, “Rocky Craw”) by Lucky John and their copies by Olt in sizes 2, 2.5 and 3 inches in crimson, blue, dark green and brown. They say that glowing UV colors work even better in the dark, but I did not have time to find such in our stores before leaving. Plus he took a bunch of small silicone slugs from Octopus in acid colors to be torn apart by hungry sea crucians – and it happened, they dealt with them all in just a couple of hours of active biting.

The reel is a two thousandth Shimano Ultegra with a shallow spool, the line was originally wound with Major Craft Dangan 0.3. There were doubts about its reliability even on domestic fishing, so I also took a YGK G-Soul EGI Metal 0.4 reel with me, as it turned out, it was not in vain: already on the third fishing trip, Dangan stratified in the middle and furrowed, I had to cut off most of it, and the remaining piece it was not enough for normal long-distance casting. EGI Metal pleased me in terms of strength and resistance to abrasive (they often had to pass steep stone edges), the only remarks to it are that they are noisy and faded very quickly. With him, it was repeatedly possible to pull the Cheburashka out of the stone rubble, when Dangan would have broken off long ago. I used 0.17 and 0.18 fluorocarbon as a shock leader, this diameter really turned out to be very comfortable for these conditions.

The theory was only partially confirmed by me about the large number of holds in rock fishing. Of course there were, but almost immediately I realized that most of them happen very close to the coast, when the angle between the line and the bottom increases sharply. Catching at this distance happened, including crockery, but not often, so 5-7 meters from the shore, I simply drained the line, and it really saved, sometimes during the whole fishing there was not a single loss. And sometimes, by the way, the most active fish would catch up and sit down on these reels.

As for which hooks to use, I almost immediately realized that single-cords in sizes 4-6 work best (if I caught a scorpion fish and a croaker), because he constantly alternated between marakuya and crayfish, and for crucian carp, when he purposefully caught it in the light, 8-10. The scorpion fish was also caught on large offsetniks, but retirements were much more frequent than on single ones, there were no surprises here. In addition, I noticed that if there are more hooks on open single sheets, then it is insignificant, if there are more offsets. Their main reason is that the sinker gets stuck between the stones, there is nothing to cling to the hooks in the pebbles. The number of hooks with a non-hook sinker (even an ordinary one, from Tula) also decreases and, most importantly, with an increase in the size of silicone. At the same time, the scorpion fish does not really care, even the small one easily swallowed 3 inch crayfish, here it rather interferes with greatly increasing the size of the bait by its windage during casting. And one more observation: the fish most actively pecked at colored Cheburashkas (orange and yellow) with glued eyes, apparently, this really works, it’s a pity I didn’t take many of them. As for the weight of the Cheburashka, in the end I stopped at 3 grams, because my spinning rod threw less weight already badly, and heavier ones more often went into the toe, and for some reason there were fewer bites on them. I think that with a classic microjig spinning rod with a test of up to 5 grams under these conditions, fishing with a weight of 2-2.5 grams would definitely not be worse.

About fishing time. I fished almost every day, started right after sunset, when most of the bathers left the beach (but, unfortunately, not all). Biting usually started around 20 and ended around 23. This is very convenient in terms of family holidays – at this time in those places there is practically nothing to do, because. the resort is quite specific, except for a couple of rural discos and an alcoholic and gourmet program, there are no alternatives, and I was obviously not traveling for that.

Fishing places. The main point is the beginning of the beach in the village of Ldzaa (near Pitsunda), right behind the fence of the closed area, the so-called. “government dacha” (who says that Khrushchev, who is Putin, I think both are partly right, in fact now this territory belongs to the Russian Federation, but is closed to public access). All night long the fence of the “dacha” is illuminated by lanterns, so it is here that all the parties of local and visiting fishermen take place, who come “to the light” at sunset under these lamps. Perhaps the point is that there is a problem with normal piers on this beach, there is essentially one, but very small, with a dangerous rusted floor and a low ceiling, and the second floor is not accessible (the territory of local border guards), as a result, you cannot catch from it comfortable, and the seats there are at most for 2 – 3 people. Except for me, almost no one of the fishermen with microjig caught, all the rest, mainly tourists from the Kuban and other Black Sea cities – fished with three-meter fishing rods exclusively on a heavy diverter lead and other dropshot. Moreover, they caught quite effectively, steadily carried away with them every day several kilograms of fish in buckets, mainly small and medium horse mackerel, but they also flew in bonuses, somehow a kilogram bonito flew in especially brightly, a very strong and beautiful fish, a kind of small striped tuna … Having seen enough of them, I once tried the spaced rig, there were several bites of the crucian carp, but I soon realized that with my long spinning rod and its rigid action, this was not an option at all, and in general it was not interesting. I tried to walk along the beach, find better places, but did not succeed in this, the bite was the same plus or minus everywhere, and it is quite difficult to find pronounced irregularities on a pebble beach, except to do it during the day, wearing a mask and fins.

About catches. First of all, it is a scorpion fish from 30 to 350 grams, in the second (if we talk about night fishing), oddly enough – a small croaker, there is a lot of it here. The largest of those caught, I think, was 250-300 grams, hardly more. There were also sea carps (more often in the daytime and at dusk), small horse mackerel, once a goby and a couple of greenfinches were caught. Zelenushka surprised me with very angry bites, which were in no way comparable to her weight.

In the first 3 nights, the bite was quite good, I caught about 20 scorpions and 4 humpbacks, I thought it would continue like this, but then there was a storm, waves, and even after everything calmed down, there was some kind of change in the weather, in the daytime it was it was still hot, the nights were already colder, small waves arose and in the following days the biting became worse, although by all indications (cooling and mixing of the water) it should have been exactly the opposite.

Once I walked far, 5 km to the end of the bay, beyond a sandy beach to a stone bank. I was counting very much on the night nibble and trophy scorpion fish and croaker, which are rumored to be caught here, but in the end I caught excellent carp in the daytime and at dusk, and at night I caught only one (though really large) scorpion fish. I think it was the weather, because with the darkness a cold wind blew in the back and the waves rose.

Sea carp, if it is active and present, bites any bright rubber at all, but it is not so easy to catch and pull it out – I changed both the hooks and the shape of the rubber, but still 50% of the bites ended up pulling out a bare hook, regardless on whether the “stretch” rubber was on the hook or not. A very nervous fish in fishing, it will infuriate anyone, even such a calm angler as I am.

The third promising place is Cape Pitsunda itself, I did not have time to visit with a fishing rod, but it was there that rockfishing competitions in Abkhazia were held repeatedly, and most likely not by chance. I was there once during the day, an ordinary stone beach without any relief features, perhaps only that the depth difference is more pronounced, plus there is a fairly strong current closer to the exit from the bay to the cape. A huge plus – this edge of the beach is much more deserted, apparently because there is a sign about the prohibition of swimming, and the beach infrastructure ends, which means you can start fishing before dark, vacationers, unlike the beach in Ldzaa, will not interfere so much.

As a result, rock fishing finally pulled me in, on my next trips to the sea – only with spinning, without options, especially since such fishing can very easily be combined with a beach vacation and other family joys.

Amanda K. Benson

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