Roach bait

Roach baitRoach is a fish that beginners usually start fishing with. Therefore, it makes sense to talk in detail about which components in the bait are most appropriate. Roach rarely stands in one place, it usually moves in search of food. In the early spring, after the opening of the rivers, there are cases when, when fishing for roach, bait simply disappears. But most often, bait helps the fisherman to keep the fish for some time in the place of fishing. After the destruction of ice, literally immediately begins fishing for roach in open water – in the wiring and with a usual float fishing rod. At this time, even the simplest bait in the form of breadcrumbs, fodder bloodworms, chopped worms and ground Hercules (binder) “works” perfectly on sites without or with a weak current. Small lumps of bait should break when hit with water.

Where the flow is palpable or strong enough, it is best to mix the bait with clay (can be replaced with fine gravel, sand) and throw lumps the size of an apple in the place of fishing. After the bites have begun, you need to throw very small balls so as not to scare away the fish, especially at a depth of not more than 1-1.5 m. Regardless of the time the meat flies appear, if you use maggot as a nozzle, I recommend adding these larvae to bait. It is desirable that they be small or medium in size.

In the summer, the situation is somewhat different. Imagine a reservoir with lush vegetation and all kinds of aromatic odors. And you will understand why at this time the roach reacts so sharply to the introduction of flavorings in liquid or dry form to the bait composition. It can be a liquid attractant "Tutti-frutti", fried and ground grains of hemp, flax and so on. But she is especially not indifferent to such additives as curry, coriander and cinnamon. Perhaps these flavors remind roaches of the smells of the soft plants that it feeds on, and perhaps the reason is something else. This issue has not yet been sufficiently studied, therefore we have to rely solely on the “opinion” of the silver beauty.

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In August, on the Lithuanian river Neris, I was able to very successfully attract roaches to the place of fishing with the help of steamed wheat grains. Fishing was carried out on a weak current or in calm whirlpools, and I used the same wheat as a nozzle. In the fall, this fish is usually fed with the fact that the bait should primarily include components of animal origin (small bloodworms, maggot, chopped worms, tubule, mormysh and so on). Of vegetable baits, wheat breadcrumbs and ground meal (sunflower, hemp) are usually used. The main thing is that the cake is fresh; for lack of oilcake, it can be replaced with ground toasted sunflower seeds (together with shell).

In some reservoirs, however, on a small bloodworm in a bait, ruffs gather in many. If this is undesirable, the angler must exclude such components from the mixture. Usually, when fishing roaches, I use finely and medium-sized bait, although I could have cited many cases that occurred during all seasons when roach willingly came for bream, ulcer or carp bait. However, in such a situation, a flock of roaches quickly saturates and leaves, since the above bait includes quite large fodder particles: barley, peas, beans …

As an example, I will give here the most often used composition of my own bait for roach.
Wheat bread crumbs – 1000 g;
Semolina – 100 g;
Hercules flakes – 50 g;
Sunflower seeds – 150 g;
Vanillin – 10 g;
Cinnamon or curry – 20 g;
Sugar – 30 g;
Small bloodworm – 200 g;
Medium maggot – 50-70 ml.

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Manku, Hercules, slightly fried sunflower seeds and sugar, grind in a coffee grinder. I use vanillin and cinnamon in the form of a powder. I add small bloodworms and maggot into the mixture, already diluted with water from the reservoir, where I catch. And, having kneaded the necessary consistency, depending on the conditions of fishing, I sculpt lumps.

author: Kazantsev V.
Open Water Fishing (Complete Fishing Guide)

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