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Review of three station wagon spinning

Quite often, an angler is faced with a situation where a rod is needed, suitable for fishing from a boat on large rivers and reservoirs, and for “uprooting” a predator from strong places from the shore. And it’s great if they can fish with different types of lures in a wide test range. This review discusses rods that more or less meet these requirements, although, of course, each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. For now, we will limit ourselves to models costing from 2,500 to 3,500 rubles, and in the future we will consider more budget options.

Black Hole FX 240

Like all Black Hole spinning rods, this model is manufactured in South Korea, at the “N-S” factory. The blank material is high-modulus carbon fiber reinforced plastic (IM-7 +). Weight 160 g, actual length 241 cm (declared 240 cm), lure test 12-35 g. Knee joint – “put-over”. The build is medium-fast. When casting, the upper third of the rod works mainly, and when playing, the entire upper knee is turned on. The model works well with lures within the entire test range. The maximum casting distance can be achieved with weights of 24-28 g. Rings (7 pcs.) With silicon carbide inserts, the lower one with two support points, the rest with one. A tulip of a special design that protects the line from overflowing. Cork handle, 46.5 cm long, with a fungus at the end. Simple screw reel seat, also produced by “N-S”, is suitable for reels of different sizes. During the tests, there were no problems with installing and fixing the coil. There is a folding eyelet to secure the bait.

The balance point for the Daiwa 3000 reel is 9 cm in front of the reel foot. When fishing with a jig, the real sensitivity “in the hand” starts from about sixteen grams, but you can track the touch of the bottom at the tip from the very bottom border of the dough, and there will be no problems with weights from 8 g. The rod copes well with spinners No. 4-5. The vibration of, say, “Aglia” or “Comet” No. 3 and more is well felt by the hand or on the tip. There are no problems when fishing with oscillating spoons, moreover, relatively heavy ones, weighing up to 30 g, and having an active wide game. When fishing with wobblers, it is best to use this rod with sufficiently large and heavy lures that create a lot of resistance when driving.

The power and rigidity of the spinning rod allow you to fish with poppers weighing up to 20 g, but the overall length and length of the handle create some inconvenience, and for fishing with these lures it is better to choose another model. The same can be said about twitching: there are no problems with the operation of the rod itself, the jerks are quite clear, but it is difficult to call such fishing comfortable. The model is very versatile. It is well suited both for jigging, primarily from a boat, and for fishing with large spinning and oscillating lures, as well as crank wobblers. The power of the rod allows you to feel confident when playing fish in strong places and, if necessary, do not stand on ceremony with the catch. It is quite possible to use it on small rivers for fishing in zakazyazhennyh barrels, when the fish after the hook should not be given extra slack.

Sabaneev Foton Jig 240

The production of these rods was transferred from Korea to China, and, admittedly, without any visible negative consequences for the quality of spinning rods. Weight 148 g, actual length 239 cm (declared 240 cm), shipping 126 cm. Test on primacs 7-28 g, on line – up to 15 lb. Put-over knee joint, tight fit, no knee joint problems during testing. The declared test is quite consistent with the real one, but you should not exceed its upper limit: due to the high modularity of the material, the consequences can be dire. The rod is fast and stiff, but when casting heavy lures and playing fish, almost all of its upper half starts to work. When fishing with a jig, the rod tip shows the bottom well already with weights weighing from 8 grams, and sensitivity “in the hand” can be achieved with lures weighing 12 g and more. It works well in the entire test range, the maximum casting distance is achieved with weights of 16-28 g, and in this range it is difficult to single out any “long-range” value. Fuji Alconite guides (8 pcs.) Lightweight design with one attachment point, installed according to the New Concept system.

The handle is cork, relatively long (50.5 cm), at the end of the fungus. The screw reel seat, made by Fuji, with a nut screwed from the bottom. With a 3,000th dive reel, the balance point is only 5 cm in front of the foot. The loop for the bait is fixed, installed on the side relative to the line of the rings, which is somewhat unusual. The rod is designed in a laconic, austere style, with a minimum of inscriptions and decorative elements. The scope of the rod is primarily jig and compact heavy lures such as castmaster and other “cuts”. You can also use this spinning rod to fish with spinning lures, but you should not get carried away with large numbers: maximum Aglia Long No. 4 or Comet No. 3. Larger lures create an excessive load, and it becomes not very comfortable to fish. Fishing with wobblers depends on the type of bait used. In any case, it shouldn’t be something too deep and “stubborn”. In general, if your main priority is jig, then this rod can be recommended. In terms of its “jig” characteristics, it is quite comparable with more expensive spinning rods.

Norstream Favorite 80M

Weight 156 g, actual length 239 cm (claimed 244 cm), shipping 127 cm, lure test 17-30 g, line 8-14 lb. The lower limit of the spinning test seems to be underestimated: casting and wiring of lures weighing less than 10 g are not very successful with it. But starting from 10 g, all problems disappear. At first it may seem that the rod is not very long-range, but this is a consequence of its fast action. Casting Norstream Favorite 80M should be sharp and energetic, then it shows all its throwing qualities, especially with lures weighing 24-28 grams. Rings (7 pcs.) With silicon carbide inserts. The handle is cork, short, 42.5 cm long. The upper part of the handle is integrated with the nut of the Fuji VSS reel seat. There is no loop for securing the bait during transportation. Spigot joint with carbon fiber insert, secure connection.

The rod is well balanced, the balance point with medium sized reels is at the front of the handle. It is better to use it with coils of size 3000-3500. The rod has a pronounced fast action, which is important when fishing with jig or jerky lures. Spinning is very versatile: it can be fished with both jig lures and rather large wobblers. There were no difficulties when fishing with rotating and oscillating spoons, including large ones. Even with spinners No. 4-5, the wiring is of high quality, and the work of the spinner is easy to control. But this rod proved to be especially good when fishing with jerk lures – poppers, walkers and minnow wobblers.

Thanks to the relatively short handle, the rod allows for twitching, although for targeted fishing with twitching, of course, it is better to choose a special twitching rod or at least a shorter model of the same series. Norstream Favorite 80M copes well with crank wobblers weighing up to 20 grams, including deep-sea models. If it is planned to fish with lures of various types while fishing, but it is still planned to devote a significant part of the time to fishing with jerk wobblers, this rod will be very useful. It is also useful when fishing with relatively heavy, from 16 g, jig lures from a boat or from the shore on medium-sized bodies of water.


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