Review Maximus Neon Midori Stream Edition 622 SUL

Friends, hello everyone! I would like to share with you my impressions of the spinning Maximus Neon Midori Stream Edition 622 SUL!

This spinning fell into my hands this summer and immediately tightly occupied the micro-jig niche in my arsenal. But the primary task for him I set catch chub in micro-rivers. Let's go over its characteristics a bit.

Spinning is packed in a velvety cover of a bright blue color, which is very pleasant to the touch.

Reviews: Maximus Neon Midori Stream Edition 622 SUL Review

The form is made of high-modulus graphite Nano Graphite Fibers, has a plug-in design with a medium-fast build. On the form there are 7 ultralight rings arranged according to the K-Guide system and having an ultra-thin T-Zirconia Slim Ring insert. For maximum relief, the rings stand on one support. Neoprene spaced grip with Fuji warm reel seat with Super Sensitive System. In general, spinning has an interesting, bright and original design and its weight is only 57 grams.

Reviews: Maximus Neon Midori Stream Edition 622 SUL Review

What first of all pleased in this twig was its severity! Having tried the stick on the shocks, it immediately becomes noticeable how quickly the spinning returns to its original position and practically does not produce any “spurious” vibrations. Anyway, in the hand it lies very comfortable and is almost not felt due to its weight.

As I said, the chub was the first priority, which means working with small hems and heels.

Reviews: Maximus Neon Midori Stream Edition 622 SUL Review

Here everything is fine with the spinning, it is felt fluctuating throughout the test and is perfectly animated. If we take the turntables, then I would call the number 2 a reasonable limit, the wand copes with them, but it’s already felt that this is the line.

Reviews: Maximus Neon Midori Stream Edition 622 SUL Review

Well, on wobblers I will say this, I minimally used Tsuribito Sexy Minnow 25 F, weighing 2 g, and the maximum Jackall Chubby 38F. Spinning with them feels very confident both in the current and in still water. Unfortunately, I did not spend much time fishing on a wobbler and the reason for this was the development of such a fishing style as cockroach! Here I managed to feel the stick in full. Sakura Notobug 2.2 cm and weighing only 1.4 g. Confidently threw itself under the other side of the rivulet. It was extremely convenient to animate the bug and we are talking not only about its jerks on the water, but also just moving its paws, while the bait itself remained in place. I will conclude the following, spinning does an excellent job with iron, wobblers and surface baits within the test. Allows you to make both delicate and aggressive wiring of these baits.

Reviews: Maximus Neon Midori Stream Edition 622 SUL Review

Now let's move on to my favorite part, namely the jig. In our case, this is of course microjig. As always, I note that in the sensitivity of touching the weight of the bottom, much depends on the cord. In the first fishing trips, I used a 0.5 PE cord, but during the casting I felt directly how difficult the cord was through the rings, which indicates the need to reduce its diameter. I stopped on a 0.3 PE cord, with it the casting turns out to be as distant as possible, and the spinner “spin” reaches unprecedented heights.

So, let's start with weights up to 3 grams.

The smallest weight I put was a load of 0.8 grams in combination with the Lure Max Red Bug bait.

Reviews: Maximus Neon Midori Stream Edition 622 SUL Review

Surprisingly, even in the presence of a small wind, the peak worked from the very ejection. Of course, I won’t even talk about knocking on the scales, except for the stone bottom about 5 meters away. But if you put a cheburashka 1.5 grams and a 2 ”lure, the knock on the hand starts to feel great almost from the ejection, of course, if there is enough hard ground. Do not expect tapping from the ultralight sticks on the muddy bottom, and not every heavy load will knock there … For such conditions, Neon Midori has a very informative tip that perfectly shows the touch of the bottom.

Reviews: Maximus Neon Midori Stream Edition 622 SUL Review

3-5 grams.

This is probably the best range for fishing with this stick. I repeat, of course, you can catch the bottom test with comfort, but if you need to catch the distant cordon, then you have to get heavier. In return, you get a gorgeous tactile sensitivity and a very decent cast. It is convenient to animate lures to the very limit of the test, and this cannot but rejoice in microjig fishing.

Reviews: Maximus Neon Midori Stream Edition 622 SUL Review

And of course a bit about overload.

Naturally, I could not help but try to overload the rod. Honestly, I didn’t really like it. The maximum limit for myself I set 5 grams and 2 ”rubber, then it is no longer comfortable.

Reviews: Maximus Neon Midori Stream Edition 622 SUL Review

In the end I’ll say a few words about bites. Due to the informativeness of the form, you can feel even the most delicate bite of a small perch. Of course, there were times when the minke whale still extremely gently hooked, but this is more likely due to the presence of uncomfortable weather conditions. With the penetration of the mouth of a pike perch, there is no particular problem! Due to the severity of the form, you can not worry that you can not break through the fanged mouth. Personally, I punched an offset kilos handsome!

I hope that I’ve covered all aspects of fishing with this rod for you, but if you have any questions, ask them in the comments or in PM! Oh yes, all the caught fish was released into its element and did not suffer much!


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