Results of the XIX Cup Channel "Hunter and Fisher" in Kirillov

On July 6, the XIX Cup of the Hunter and the Fisher Channel was held. In the hospitable city of Kirillov, in its very heart, near the walls of the Kirillo-Belozersky monastery, the Cup is located for the second time.

A large family festival dedicated to the Day of the Fisherman, gathered from all over Russia more than 4,500 guests, who received the opportunity to spend an excellent weekend with the whole family! Along with a rich program of competitions, you could have a breath at the entertainment venues: take part in handicraft workshops, tasting fish soup and shulum, test drives of fishing and hunting equipment, training birds of prey, sing a favorite karaoke song and win gifts from the TV channel in the competition program on the stage.

In the meantime, the guests of the event were busy in the entertainment program, 270 avid fishermen fought for 9 prizes, 4 special nominations and a prize fund of 900,000 rubles. But only some of them became owners of the main trophies.

According to the results of the competition, the places and the main prizes from our sponsors were distributed as follows:

Float rod

1st place – Pogodin Leonid with a catch of 7.906 kg;

2nd place – Vasily Krotiuk, the weight of his catch was 7.206 kg;

3rd place – Nikolai Gorbunov, catch 6,120 kg.

Bottom fishing pole

1st place – Kilnevoy Vladimir with a catch of 7.316 kg;

2nd place – Volohov Artem, his catch was 7.296 kg;

3rd place – Danil Politov and his catch of 7.040 kg.

Spinning from a boat

1st place – the team "Fish": Andrei Sedov and Alexey Sedov. The weight of their catch was 9,666 kg;

2nd place – Marukyu team: Anton Timofeev, Michael Baikov, 8.945 kg;

3rd place – “Fixed Idea”: Denis Barbasov, Alexander Orsichev, 7,620 kg.

The winners in all three nominations received certificates from the World of Safes company, tents with a stove and an additional heat sink for the Nord Khim bath mode, rods, reels, fishing lines and Daiwa cords, bed bows from the Russian Mosquito Net and gift certificates from LLC "Huntsman".

And the prize-winners, who took 2nd and 3rd places, won not only gifts from Mir Safe, Daiwa and Russian Mosquitoes, but also products from Interskol: the electric lawn-mower was taken home by Vasily Krotiuk, and donators Volokhov Artem, Politov Danil and spinningist Marukyu team got gasoline brush cutters.

In special nominations for women anglers, the champions are:

Bottom fishing rod – Semenova Olesya, 1.282 kg.

Float Fishing Rod – Oksana Marakhovskaya, 2,884 kg.

The company "Russian mosquito nets" presented the mosquito protection kits to the winners so that not a single insect would interfere with the pleasure of fishing.

In the nomination “The Biggest Fish”, the team “Fishermen” won, their catch was as much as 8050 kg, for which the guys received a mosquito net, a gift certificate “World of Safe” and a cup from the company “Tehmar”.

The most experienced participant of the competition was Tatiana Silvestova. She is 71 years old, but she can still compete with young fishermen, for which “World of safes” and “Russian mosquito net” have thanked her with gifts.

For many, the passion for hunting and fishing is not just a hobby, but a way of life. That is why children also take part in competitions. It has already become a tradition for us to hold a children's fishing tournament, and this year was no exception. Young fishermen were able to compete for the title of the best in the three age categories and win gifts from the “Russian mosquito net”:

3–6 years old

1st place – Alekseeva Vasilisa, 5 years old

2nd place – George Okunev, 3.2 years old

3rd place – Sereda Rodion, 5 years

7–10 years old

1st place – Artyom Naumov, 9 years old

2nd place – Margarita Bardonova, 7 years old

3rd place – Maxim Panichev, 8 years old

11–14 years old

1st place – Pankin Ivan, 11 years old

2 place – Pavel Sazonov, 14 years old

3rd place – Kashnikov Dmitry, 11 years old

Channel “Hunter and Fisher” congratulates the winners and wishes them success in fishing!

The 20th Anniversary Cup will be held on August 11 in the village of Pesochnoye, Leningrad Region. We are already preparing announcements for you, so stay tuned to the news on the website or on social networks.

See you at the Hunter and the Fisher Channel!


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