Redfin fishing – tackle box, bait and location of fishing

Rudd grows up to half a meter and weights up to 2 kg. to Pull a fish out of water if it gets on the hook, is not easy. But mostly caught fish rarely weight 0.7 – 1.0 kg.

When fishing for roach on the float rod should be considered, in what layer of water does the process of fishing.

  • In the upper layers is preferable to float, withstand a load up to 10 grams, and the scaffold should have a diameter of approximately 0.18 – 0.2 mm. fish hook is taken No. 10. This is when fishing on the rod.
  • If you have fish in the middle layers, then you can use the fusiform floats Drennan firms or Avon. The fishing line is taken with a diameter of 0.12 to 0.15 mm. as sinkers on the fishing line is attached in both cases, the bullet (or several).

There is another method of catching fish using a float firms Waggle and a leash. Pellet (you can do without it) is placed just below the float. When casting the leash slowly drags the bait to the bottom. It thus passes through the upper and middle layers of water. In front of the float on the fishing line, put a small swivel, it is needed in order to when casting was no overlap. Leash diameter should be approximately equal to the line.

What bait and nozzle to use?

As bait for catching redfin is used: maggots, worms, dough, corn (canned). Maggots fish takes a good spring and summer. Also summer is going well for the nozzle of a large earthworm (you can use Nightcrawlers).

The dough as a nozzle, especially brightly colored, ideal for fishing in troubled waters, for example, in the spring. Even soft bread, if you catch the “horse riding” will fit, if not anything else suitable. In the summer, when the presence of insects, you can use them for attachment. In this case, the sinker with the fishing line removed.

A suitable rod

When choosing a fishing rod for catching redfin should take into account that its length should be between 4 – 6 meters. The best material is carbon fiber. Such a set is used in the summer and spring you can fish with a shorter float rod with a bait in the form of bloodworm or earthworm. Especially good to do with boats.

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