Recipe Hominy cornmeal for fishing

Every self-respecting fisherman knows that a successful fishing it is necessary to use different types of bait, because the fish is being picky, and if at certain times of the year she would be happy to bite on a worm or a maggot, then another and won’t come near him, but lightning grabs strung oatmeal or grits. On the latter will be discussed.

Hominy fishing is a porridge made from corn flour, cool cooking. It is the national dish of the peoples of Moldova, Romania and Western Ukraine. But, in addition to people, Hominy is relished and fish. The main differences Hominy cooked as fish bait, are its density and variety used flavors, well attracting such fish as Rudd, carp, bream, carp and perch.

For successful fishing need not ordinary grits. In addition to great taste and flavor, she needs to hold tight on the hook and stay there as when casting a fishing rod.


To prepare the porridge you will need:

corn flour and wheat flour (used for increasing stickiness of porridge);
plastic bags (usually two);
flavors or additives.

It is necessary to say that to cook the polenta in advance so she has time to infuse and harden. Also before cooking, lightly fry the flour in order to make the porridge taste better.

Wheat and corn flour should be mixed in a ratio of 1:3. Next, water is added in small portions. The consistency of the mixture should resemble sour cream. After that add flavorings and fragrances. Their quality may be, for example, sugar (both regular and vanilla), strawberry extract or honey.

The resulting mixture is placed in a plastic bag, and then placed in another bag. It is necessary to be safe in that case, if the first packet burst. Then the package is lowered into the pot of water so that he was fully under the water, and boil for half an hour. If you need a very thick grits, the cooking time should increase. After cooking the porridge should be left in capacity to cool, but preferably overnight.

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