Razzhim for rings.

Sometimes an irreplaceable thing for a spinner – than breaking nails – it’s better to use all possible pribludy to facilitate this process of changing tees or replacing rings on baits. I mainly use a medical clamp with teeth on the end. But it’s not always at hand — a clip in a bag-bag in the car, and you need to have a home just in case. This homemade product combines two advantages – and scissors for fishing line and cord – there is something to cut and open for rings. And since I don’t like to be smart and do what can be done on my knee for 5 minutes.

We make a squeeze from the old manicure scissors – I think finding them is not a problem.

And then we carefully cut it with a grinder or files, to whom it is convenient as in the photo or something like that, leaving the two cones at the ends, they will be those unclenched. The remaining part of the cutting edge of the scissors for the fishing line and the cord. a disc from a grinder — it’s more convenient to sharpen — a thin disc more accurately removes all unnecessary.

And in the end we get turned scissors with teeth – here you can grind as you like and for any rings.

As a result, five minutes and the raffle is ready. Miniature – places do not take up much – steel is good – it will not be erased.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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