Prepare your ear properly — tips and advice the fisherman

In the circle of friends, fishermen campfire of the ear the most delicious and flavorful, but there are a few simple secrets that will help to create a masterpiece.

Naturally, if collective and fishing for a few days, until this climactic moment, you should take nutritional reinforcement, as fishing takes a lot of energy and effort, although at first glance it seems that it is not. Of course, avid fishermen do not feel tired, they only get pleasure from the whole process, but want to eat anyway. So fishing it is necessary to take canned food, condensed milk, cereals or potatoes. Besides, these products are useful for the preparation of the Queen of the table – soup. But it is not an easy task, so let’s see how to cook soup.

There is nothing better than to cook a delicious soup on sunset

At first glance it may seem that in the preparation of the soup are no secrets, and this procedure takes not so much time. But in fact this dish has its own characteristics, which should adhere to in order to obtain rich and flavorful ushytsya. After all, in field conditions make this more difficult, but worth it. The ear is prepared only from fresh fish and just out of it, otherwise it will be the only fish soup. In such soups you can throw canned food, frozen store-bought fish, but this is not what you get when you cooking soup on a fire.

Cooking soup is quite a fascinating process

Since ancient times, this dish had several variations depending on preparation and ingredients. The distribution was based on the capabilities of the mistress and spices, which necessarily added to the ear. There was the ear-monastic, for the Czar, the peasant and the like, the meaning of these names is understandable. Novelty and originality has a refined ear with champagne in the composition of the broth. Now, what tickles the ear, depends on who is cooking, what spices are added, and, most importantly, which fish will be the basis, because they vary in fat and taste after cooking, it matters for the broth, as it will be nourishing and flavorful.

Most often in the ear put all of the fish, and it’s a lot different, not only in size, but the types of fish. In principle, this is not so important, of course, if the person does not too it is a priority that all fish suitable for this dish, so don’t worry about it. The truth is some people says that delicious ear is obtained with walleye and perch. Just be sure to gut the fish and wash it. Of course, there are sages who believe that fish should be cooked whole, but if you think about it logically, why do you need fish in your ear stool. Therefore carefully remove all the innards, but to clean off the scales is not necessary if you are going then to eat. For the broth it will be just as scales additionally affect the taste of the soup.

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The process of making soup

For soup decided to take the little fish and put it together with heads and tails, if that’s not enough, you can add larger instances. For a more saturated taste and pleasant aroma must be allocated in the water, special substances that come from the bones, so before cooking fish is to grind. Ready fish must be poured cold water in accordance with the number of the fish, but it is worth considering the amount of water when boiling, so it is necessary to add a little bit more than the normal amount of water. Remember to add water during cooking of the soup is not recommended – it will only worsen the taste and increase the cooking process. To all the flavor and nutrients released into the broth, it’s important to salt the water, do not forget about the boiling half the volume of water poured in advance. Even when cooking, about forty or fifty minutes to evaporate such amount of water, so it’s best to reduce the number of fish in the ear, than to eat fish porridge. To all of the components of a good soup seethe, you should cook it about two to three hours, in that case fall apart and the bones, scales and cartilage, and this will give the finished dish an incredible flavor and simply divine taste. But this is ideal, but if easier and faster, you can limit time in forty minutes. Cooking time depends on how thick you want your ear, so the cooking time you can choose.

There’s nothing more delicious than a thick ear

As for fish, it is cut into portion pieces, is the most correct way of cooking fish soup, as the fish is taken not only for cooking the broth, but then to eat it. And if it is too small, prolonged cooking will split and there will be nothing there, and when the big cuts of fish will not give up all its nutrients. So this is also worth keeping an eye on the cooking time of the soup, although at first glance it may seem that it’s not important. Fully boiled fish is dry and tasteless, because she gives absolutely everything to the broth, so the fish must be removed before the cooked ear itself.

Additional ingredients

In addition to fish in your ear put the potatoes, although some believe that this ear may not be this product. But to be honest, the potatoes not so much does not spoil the taste of the soup and quite organically fits into it. In addition, many well-known cooks are acceptable to the potato in your ear and even recommend to add it. This should be done in twenty minutes, milking the end of cooking broth. Since the ear itself is not very high-calorie product, then add more cereal, you can pour rice, cream of wheat and millet groats, pearl barley. Most long-cooked pearl barley, as much as seventy-minutes, so consider this factor when to sleep what kind of cereal in your ear depends on the speed of its preparation. Figure half an hour, Pshenko fifteen minutes, and the most quickly cooked semolina – seven minutes. But remember that the cooking of the cereal will be worn with the fish.

Video recipe of soup of the marching bass


In the end you need to add spices because spices here in any way, and that everyone knows the fisherman who is engaged in the preparation of this great dish. Classic condiments are considered Bay leaf, onion and black pepper. This combination always wins and never fails. The dish is simple but truly tasty and enjoyable. There are no special recommendations: pepper can be thrown at the beginning, and ground then, towards the end of cooking. Bay leaf is put in the end to bitter, and felt exactly the desired flavor. The onion is cooked quickly, in fifteen minutes, he’ll give all of yourself, however, if the chef likes slightly hardish onion, then leave it for fifteen minutes before the end of cooking. You can also add some carrots sauteed in butter, a little garlic and of course, parsley, it makes your ear is complete and gives it the true flavor of this soup.

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