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Pike — glorious production for the angler, even in summer, even in winter. But now we will talk about fishing for pike from the ice. Not always and everywhere he is caught, but some of the skills to catch it can any angler-winter road.

We must begin, perhaps, with the famous things, but, nevertheless, they were known especially walleye, are decisive in choosing tackle and lures. First, the walleye is a deep water fish. That is, if I may say so — by default. Of course, sometimes it goes into braids and relatively shallow places up to three to five meters, but still this fish prefers deep and clear with a sandy or clay bottom. There are exceptions in the snags reservoirs. And perch there, a little like a classically bright, fanged, and more — on a black and hunchback mutant. Well, of course, long known the strength of Zander’s mouth, which is not every hook punch. Based on these factors, and you should choose the rod for walleye fishing. It must be hard, i.e. fast system. This allows you to make a reliable trip when fishing at great depth and punch Zander’s mouth. Also with its lightness that comes from modern materials, it gives possibility of free work during fishing.

For fishing at great depths you can do without the nod. When shifted down hard whip any most easy bite clearly transmitted to the hand. Usually a good stiffness and lightness have a graphite rod, made under great pressure.

The coil may be of any design, but its weight must not violate the structure of the rod. That is, it should not be too heavy. It is desirable to have a reliable stopper.

Fishing line should be durable, able to withstand strong tremors. Its diameter can range of 0.28–0.3 mm. is Applied and thinner fishing line, for example, 0.25 mm diameter, but in this case must be complied with delicacy and caution as you would with a lure, and when playing a fish. When fishing at great depths, the scaffold should be elastic, otherwise follow blank bites and gatherings of fish with the hook. As already mentioned Zander’s mouth just will not penetrate, especially in a sluggish line. In particular, you can use fluorocarbon line.

Now about the lures. The most frequently used vertical oscillating spinners.

Vertical oscillating spinners for walleye

Perch sometimes takes something on a silver lure, color, but for the most part still gives preference to the bright silver-plated lures. Although, of course, all depends on the location and weather. If we talk about fishing on the reservoirs of the Volga cascade of hydroelectric power stations, it is easy to explain the preference of perch that is silver lures. Volga in those places is teeming with whitebait that was once completely unknown in the Volga waters. Now it is a natural food for walleye. So it better responds to the bait of similar color, resembling a live fish.

Heavy spinners for walleye

For large depths are rather heavy spinner weighing about 10-15 grams. For fishing locations less deep use lighter lures. Often, in order to muffle in such shallow areas the glitter spinners, one part paste glow in the dark sticker that is in the stores. This simple operation with the gluing on the inside of the phosphor such details greatly improves the biting of a pike perch.

Well used and Zander balance weights of the same silvery hue size 5-7 cm

But keep in mind a feature walleye fishing in the reservoirs of the Volga basin. Often walleye and bersha in such places it is impossible to catch on a bare spinner or balancer. So the bait starts taking pieces of whitebait. Usually buy it in the shops and cut in advance at home, folding into a box. Whitebait is cut into three parts, which must be mounted on a tee on each sting for slice cutting. As the pike perch and bersh often picking a bait to stick the whitebait should be safer, feeling the sting of tee median part of the vertebral cut.

Fishing technique is as follows. First, the bait sinks to the bottom, then rises up to 20-30 cm and Then should rise to the bait and reset. Pause in the bottom position can be up to 40 seconds. It depends on the time and conditions of fishing. During the pause, you can sometimes wiggle the bait. Often here and it should bite.

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