Power and elegance. Norstream Standard New 802XH Spinning Review

Good day to all. Today it's time to share the impression of the Norstream Standard New 802XH stick received for the test. Special thanks to the administration of the Fishingsib website and Norstream for the opportunity.

I chose this spinning for the test, since my main catch is in a jig weighing 28-60 grams. So why not roll the stick with the dough 25-90 gr. created specifically for jig.

Let's get acquainted with the technical characteristics of this device.

Reference: SDS3-802XH
Weight (g): 186
Type of fishing: spinning
Stick Length (cm): 47
Length (cm): 244
Rod Class: extra heavy
Number of sections: 2
Material: carbon
Manufacturer: Norstream
Stick: EVA
Build: Fast
Fishing line test (lb): 15-35
Test (gr) 😕 25-90
Top Type: tubular tip
Type of elbow connection: plug
Transport Length (cm): 126
Fittings: SiC

Spinning looks very strong, tightly knocked down. Rings with an anti-lap tulip, medium-sized, not small, the winding of the rings is neat, in general, spinning causes only positive emotions. The spaced EVA handle fits perfectly in the hand and, as it is for me, perfectly covers the entire length of the forearm. The hard front screw holds firmly and does not unwind, what you need for a jig when the finger rests on it is amazing. The spinning butt is not sealed, of course, it’s not for everyone, and I don’t know how it will be in the long-term dynamics in contact with water, but it would be better for me to solder it.

The spinning cover is rustic, in your hands when you hold a special thrill you don’t feel, but what did you want from a budget spinning ?!

It’s excellent in the hand, in terms of balance I liked catching twin 3000 more than Sauber, but this is personal preference

The bottom test is 100% honest, with 25 grams plus a 3.4-inch bait, the step at the tip is visible perfectly. The top test has not been determined, threw 80 grams plus rubber 5.6 inches there were no dips. Safety margin is felt. At high loads, the comel is also included in the work. Large fish is very convenient to prey because of the length of the handle.

The stick perfectly knits fish, both small and large zander does not give a chance. With a pike perch, 4.5 kg handled in the same way as with 300 gram trifles.

Jerks two-piece pike in the course, ugh …. yes easy!

Well, and the main conclusion that I made for myself: the spinning turned out to be really jig, which has a small weight, good tactile and visual sensory, and at the same time quite powerful.


Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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