#player didn’t work out

# play hard didn’t work out. Wrong reservoirs, wrong area, and maybe wrong hands) did it?

As always, 3 hours for fishing. The first reservoir. Total ignore on rubber. Neither small nor big, you will understand what kind. With foam rubber things are more fun. 5 contacts – 2 fish. One dumped right during a photo shoot and swam away. The second from the proven staging to a stall was more accommodating.

The third gave her gusto. A sweeping blow, Marader in an arc (all this is a twitch in a hurry … For jig a boat bomb) and the rustling of the friction clutch. For about 3 minutes we played tug of war. On the other end there is an approximate patch. Today the victory is on her side. Gathering, there is no piece of foam rubber in my head, the string is in a pig’s nose. Got it. On this we will decide.

Second day. Pond two.

There is a complete fiasco. A yellow bulldozer looked out and the toothy one was turned off altogether. Awkward jabs of the “teenager” did not lead to anything. One microcord on the fall, he did not understand what he did, how he got caught and how he again swam under his snag. We are waiting for the cold, I hope it will turn it on. While it remains only to wait. The experiments are over. Some developments are still there. We will check.