Pikes against pikes


We decided to devote the second trip to the great waters to an in-depth study of post-spawning cannibalism among pikes.

To this end, it was decided to arrange a new battle among the lures, which form replicate these predators. Only the shape of the tail differed – the usual flat like in all fish, and T-shaped, like in a vibrotail.

Reports from reservoirs: pikes against pikes

Reports from reservoirs: pikes against pikes

Full bait names:

Savage Gear 4D Line Thru Pike 25
Savage Gear 4D Pike Shad 20

Unfortunately, at the end of the first day of the competition, one of the pikes was lost in an unequal struggle, and they had to make a forced replacement with a swimbite in the form of a perch.
Well, who won, you can see in the video.

Kits used in fishing:

Rod – Nautilus T-Killer 792XH + reel – Shimano Cardiff 301 + Cord – Nautilus Avenger 8 Teflon 0.28 mm
Savage Gear MPP2 Travel Spin 40-80 + Daiwa Sol 3000 Reel + PowerPro 0.23mm Cord
For fishing with the camera – Savage Gear MPP2 8'6 "dough up to 150 gr., Reel Okuma Komodo SS 364 with SG Silencer 8 cord – 0.36


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