Pike woke up after spawning

It has been warm and sunny for several days in a row, there is practically no wind, in general, wonderful weather for going fishing. It is said, done and rushing to the pond, try to catch pike and perch if they became active. I’m not the only one who wanted to take advantage of a warm day, there are enough fishermen, but as usual I went to a distance of 2 km contemplating the beauty of spring nature, where good and catchy places begin.

Arriving at the place, I began to collect spinning, but today I will not catch with a micro-jig stick up to 5 grams, I took Major Craft K.G.Lights KGL-S742Deep spinning with a test up to 10 grams. It is him in order to catch baits from 70 mm and at the same time equipping them with light loads, increase the size of the bait in comparison with fishing on the MJ and interest medium fish.

To start with, 4 grams was equipped with a chased vibro-tail resembling a feed base. It was possible to find the first fish after a long time, or the place worked or time, I caught a small pike already on the edge of the brow, ate it quite eagerly and was lucky that the swivel with a carbine was on the teeth and not the fishing line, it would cut in an instant.

Moving on and on, I found good jobs where, albeit in muddy water, it was small and, accordingly, shepherds nearby. Sometimes experimented and weighted or lightened weight, but on average 4-6 grams worked better on wiring.

At the very end of the canal, it communicates with the river through a pipe, the concentration of fry is very huge here, it stands on the wall and pulls both the braid and the bait itself, it was simply impossible to catch and the predator did not show itself, it does not need baits with such an abundance of food for which no need to chase.


I changed the coast and was already looking for work points here, since I rarely catch this coast, I know less jobs. But still managed to catch more pike, albeit not large.

Since the bass was not caught in principle, I don’t know why, but I didn’t catch a single striped fish, I didn’t stand still for a long time. He made only 4 casts, if the pike showed itself immediately from the edge and on the catch, which he caught with the help of a spinner, heels.

The Kagami vibro-tail worked in different colors on baits, in principle it wasn’t so important which one, and the small oscillating Nakiri spinner didn’t rest at all, just tried several times, as they say, and suddenly, it worked once. I went fishing, I kept the fish in my hands and was tired, as I walked as much as possible today, wandered back and home.