Pike perch night fishing

The long-awaited departure for night pike perch took place just recently. The level in Kama returned to normal, it’s time to go on familiar rifts. I arrive at the place of fishing an hour before sunset, the most optimal time. It is necessary to remember the depth of the roll, to prepare suitable wobblers.

Pond Reports: Pikeperch Night Fishing

Usually, with a sunset, the battle of pike perch begins, today there was a complete lull, only rare bursts of asps brightened the beginning of twilight. Despite pessimistic expectations, the first bite of pike perch occurred during the first hour, but immediately there was a gathering. Then, twenty minutes later, on a strong stream with a good blow, the chub pecks. An interesting turn, the chub at night fishing has not yet caught.

Pond Reports: Pikeperch Night Fishing

Pond Reports: Pikeperch Night Fishing

I try to change fishing horizons, sort out wobblers, from shallow to deep, but there are still no bites. I change the trajectory of fishing, I go even deeper and try to catch the beginning of the island. At the next cast in the middle of the wiring, a powerful bite takes place, I immediately hook and feel a decent weight. Feels like a large zander, I carefully bring it to the shore, the long-awaited fanged-looking species was clearly per kilogram.

Pond Reports: Pikeperch Night Fishing

Pond Reports: Pikeperch Night Fishing

After some time, it began to get light, usually at this time there were practically no bites. For the first trip for night pike perch it was not bad, of course I wanted the bite to be more active, but this is fishing. The season of this fishing is open, still to come!


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