Pike in the summer in autumn weather

Reports from water bodies: Pike in the summer in autumn weather

Each time you plan fishing not as the main goal of spending time, but to go out for a couple of hours, yes, no, no … So normal peasant fishing begins immediately. So this weekend, the weather is autumn, degrees 14-16, partly cloudy, wind 5-8ms from the north. And despite the fact that before this week is hot and sunny. Went to come off more on a striped even without a motor, on sports on oars. But in fact, I came across a toothy in places where she rarely showed herself.

I chose a place near the island with leeward, the depth is a meter + -, and what would it take down along the reeds, 50-80 meters, and just for a couple of hours is enough to hang out here.

And then the classic: jig 5-6g keich 3-4, perch bites. And suddenly it hit … By the pike as she can actually … Past the box office in the tail …

So you need to top it up. I’m changing the color for carrots, less cheburahu, more rubber, I serve right under the reeds. A second … yes even less … and BAM !!! The shock is right in the fall. Tsypanulsya well, confidently. As usual, landing somewhere in the f * ck, the friction clutch pleasantly melts the cord out. Well, in general, an idyll!) In general, having pulled out the landing net, he brought the fish, brought it in, pulled it out, exhaled it. I thought to myself about fish cakes (and it’s not in vain that my woman really does them well!) After all, there’s definitely 2.5 kg in the eyes of a squirrel. And as expected with trembling hands on shaking legs, he continued fishing. Then there were 3 more unrealized bites, 2 of them in the fall (which shows the activity of the fish), and one effective. But there is a boring kilushka. Striped is not very active, so pleased moved to the house. On old Soviet mechanical weights showed 3 copecks, which is a set-off for the Vyborg Bay. An eared companion appreciated and scolded. Cutlets turned out what you need. So there’s no tail for everyone, Khaijoku!

Reports from water bodies: Pike in the summer in autumn weather

Reports from water bodies: Pike in the summer in autumn weather

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