Pike fishing in shallow water

The pike fishing on the extensive shallow waters is of great interest. She is reckless and brings a lot of experience. In shallow water the fry find many food – insects, their larvae and algae. Pike followed them, preferring to stay close to his potential prey. And fish in shallow water, especially overgrown, can be a lot. Here comes mostly small pike, but the bite it can be very active.

The contents

  • The timing for catching
  • The choice of location
  • Bait
  • Top 10 crankbaits for pike in shallow water
    • Megabass Vision
    • Jackall Tiny Magallon
    • Zip Baits Orbit
    • Yo-Zuri Hardcore
    • Yo-Zuri 3D Flat Crank
    • Yo-Zuri Dino Crank
    • Lucky Craft Pointer
    • Jackall Squad Minnow
    • DaiwaTD Minnow
    • Lucky Craft Bevy Popper
    • Megabass Giant Dog-X
  • Wiring options
  • Tactics for catching
    • Fishing net shoal
    • Fishing in overgrown shallow water
  • Useful video

The timing for catching

For shallow water pike can be found at any time of the year in open water. The best time to be fishing the spring , summer and early fall .

The spring in the shallows the water is well warmed by the sun, here directs like a small fish that the pike preys and the predator itself. In addition, in the spring, the pike comes to areas with shallow watersto spawn . At this time in shallow water you can meet big fish.

In the summer of captured specimens are kept at depth. But in the shallows from June to August willingly feeds the small pike that you can fish very successfully.

Autumn is the time when all the fish out away from shore, in deep areas. Pike often encounter in the shallows in early fall. The closer winter, the more it shifts to depth.

The choice of location

Pike in shallow water you need to look at the points where it is convenient to arrange the ambush. It can be:

  • border herbal undergrowth;
  • separate small Islands of grass among clean water;
  • Windows and lanes of open water among the thickets of grass;
  • lying in the water snags felled trees into the water;
  • irregularities of the bottom relief – pits and eyebrows.

Attention. Sometimes a pike in shallow water can fish just 1-2 metres from the water’s edge. If the depth immediately under the shore exceeds 20-30 cm, medium-sized pike can ambush here, clinging to the bottom or emerging from it, the roots of the trees.

There are quite many choices of lures for pike fishing in shallow water, from which you can choose the most suitable under certain conditions. The choice also greatly depends on personal preference, as each fisherman has their favorite types of lures.

  • Rotating and oscillating spinners
    . Ordinary turntables and spoons are perfectly suited for pike fishing in shallow water and the net for the wiring along the wall of reeds. To find light thin spoon lures with a sheet thickness of about 0.5 mm in standard body length of 6-10 cm is not easy, but possible. These are the models best suited for fishing shallow waters. You should pay attention to the handmade lures and trolling spoons, designed for fishing with deep trolling systems. For fishing in the grass essential spoon lures-nezatseplyayki that you can buy in the store or make your own.
  • Jig lure. For fishing in shallow water suitable installations with no load or minimal load. You can use a standard jig tooling, Caroline, a href=”http://dlyaribakov.ru/raznovidnosti-ryb/shhuka/tehasskaya-osnastka-na-shhuku.html” title=”Texas rigging for pike “>Texas , Wake. Jig the bait, impaled on an offset hook is one of the best choices for pike fishing in weedy shallow water.
  • Crankbaits . For fishing in shallow waters are well suited cranks with minimal penetration. The exact value of the dip must be chosen under the conditions in which you have to catch it could be 0-0,3, and 0.3-1, and deeper options. Also for pike in shallow water are good poppers and walkers. These lures move in the water, they are very visible to predators and are very effective in pike fishing. The best time for fishing with surface lures – August and September, but you can use them in the first half of the summer.
  • Spinnerbait is a great choice for fishing among thickets herbal. This bait is well protected from snags on seaweed as single hook, which it is equipped, is within the wire area. The bait is very narrow and tall, it easily passes between the vertically standing stalks of grass. Also spinnerbait defend ourselves from driftwood and other ground obstacles. Despite the fact that such baits are not very similar to the usual feed of a pike, they are good at attracting the predator, so they should pay attention.

Top 10 crankbaits for pike in shallow water
Megabass Vision

Great search bait, with which you can quickly find the pike on any water area. For fishing in shallow water is well suited version with a length of 95 mm, which weighs 11 g. of Megabass Vision catches a pike on any transactions.

Jackall Tiny Magallon

Very efficient bipartite Wobbler, which also flies away. The best option transactions – slow, smooth jerks and podarkami. When fishing Tiny Magallon is better to avoid sudden movements of spinning .

Zip Baits Orbit

In the amount of 110 mm perfectly attracts medium and small pike. Although peck at it and a little lace. Wobbler performing well on any variations tugs. Due to the magnetic system long cast flies Zip Baits Orbit very far and accurately.

Yo-Zuri Hardcore

This Wobbler has the expressive own game, so when fishing with him is fairly uniform wiring. Also works well on any options twiching . The best option transactions – short spurts in which the lure takes place almost 180 degrees. Yo-Zuri Hardcore is the system long cast.

Yo-Zuri 3D Flat Crank

Another one of the legends of the company Yo-Zuri. The KranK, which is well suited for fishing at a depth of 1.5-2 m.

Yo-Zuri Dino Crank

In version SD this lure proved to be excellent when fishing at depths up to 2.5 m. The best option transactions – slow, with a pause.

Lucky Craft Pointer

System long cast this lure is not equipped, but flying pretty far thanks to a decent weight. Version of Lucky Craft Pointer 100 SSR is moving at the time of posting 10-15 cm below the water surface. The best option the wiring is wide and smooth a jerky spinning with an amplitude of about half a meter.

Jackall Squad Minnow

Minnow is quite high and surround the body. Perfectly works on all versions tugs – from the smooth short jerks to hard jerking .

DaiwaTD Minnow

Classic minnow from renowned company. Well works on any transactions.

Lucky Craft Bevy Popper

Very efficient small Popper. With a length of 50 mm bait that attracts pike of any size. Also, the bycatch can be expected a large number of perch.

Megabass Giant Dog-X

Large and quite heavy Walker, which flies away on the casts. For dash transaction active yaws from side to side, as befits the bait in this class.

Wiring options

For pike is to use the slow postingthat and prefer the predator. If the depth, as a rule, it is necessary that the bait was moving near the bottom in shallow water bringing good results posting in different levels – bottom, middle and surface.

For this fishing you can use the following techniques of animation:

  • Uniform wiring: suitable for rotating and oscillating spinners, jig baits, crankbaits and spinnerbaits.
  • Undulating wiring – these animations can be used when pike fishing in shallow water on turntables and spoons, jig baits and spinnerbaits.
  • Transaction speed – when fishing a rotating and oscillating spinner baits, jig baits, and spinnerbaits. You can run the bottom step transaction, allowing the bait to fall on the pause on the ground, or step in the water.
  • Jerk harness – used when fishing for pike in shallow water on jig baits and lures.
  • Stop & go – this animation is used when fishing lures.
  • Chaotic wiring – mainly used for fishing with jig lures and crankbaits, but suitable for lures and spinnerbaits.

Tactics for catching
Fishing net shoal

On a clean shallow waters can be guided by bursts of fry. Where he is, maybe pike.

If the water is separate Islands of grass or out of the water are the snags, these points are definitely worth checking out.

Attention. Interesting points, go the waters on a boat with a depth sounder. But in shallow water it will alert the fish as a result of pecking at it for some time. Another option is to tap the bottom of a jig bait to find the differences of depths.

Also pike in overgrown shallow water can be found by using a search lure or other bait. It should be a model which attracts the predator for a quick transaction.

With this bait you need to quickly explore unfamiliar waters, defining Parking areas of the pike, which ambush near lying on the bottom of Karasek and stones in the pits and elsewhere. Once finding a Parking pike to a new unfamiliar area, subsequently you can always catch her on these points.

Fishing in overgrown shallow water

After seeing the overgrown shallow water, you can immediately identify promising points for casting. This can be the boundaries of the herbal shrubs, the window in the grass and areas near the Islands of grass.

This fishing in overgrown shallow water differs from fishing net – it is “the eye”.

It is important not only to find promising areas, but to be able to make accurate throw and good wiring. This will require a good technique of handling spinning, and you can train for pike in weedy shallow water.

Useful video

Catching pike in the shallows on the video below:

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