Pike caviar. Do it yourself.

Ideally, the time of catching pike is March-April, the weight of the fish is from 2.5 kg.

The photo shows everything you need + boiling water.

First, caviar is collected in a cup just as it is (with caviar bags), nothing is required to separate or cut.

A brine is made – a saline supersaturated solution: non-iodized grinding salt No. 1 is dissolved in boiled hot water based on 1 liter of water 150-250 gr. salt. The solution is cooled to 45 degrees (so that the hand can endure calmly).

Medical gauze from a pharmacy is folded in two layers into a square of about 40×40 cm, caviar in the amount of 250-300 g is placed in the middle. or about the size of a big green apple. Gauze folds, tightly grips with one hand and sinks into the solution. Then right in the solution with the second hand you very vigorously need to crush-crush-crush this ball, twist it a bit, squeeze it. Caviar will begin to pass through one layer of gauze through one layer of gauze into the solution, do not be surprised, this must be achieved. It happened to me once by chance, I was surprised myself, but in the end I patented this technique.

A gingerbread man with caviar will eventually turn into a squeezed gauze, inside of which there will be only a film of caviar. Throw gauze. Tuzluk pass through a sieve, put the sieve for 10 minutes so that all the glass. The same solution can be used again if there is still caviar: add boiling water and a little more salt to the brine. With the second batch of caviar, the procedure is repeated.

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Put caviar from a sieve into a container (empty), cover with a lid or plastic wrap and for a day in the refrigerator to salting. The next day, pour a liter of cold running water into a container with caviar and mix well by hand – remove excess salt. Strain again through a sieve. You can spill running water straight from the tap for no more than a minute, stirring with your fingers. Done! For half an hour, leave in a sieve so that all the glass is glass. If red eggs or pieces of film are caught, remove with a toothpick.

Roast jars of caviar for 15 minutes at 200 degrees in the oven, boil the lids for 5 minutes. Allow the containers to cool and fill them with caviar using a silver (cupronickel) spoon. Close and refrigerate.

It takes about three weeks to eat, we still did not do factory pasteurization. But the taste, color and freshness – no words!

Bon Appetit.