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The choice of bait when fishing for a predator is a very sensitive issue, many prefer to use expensive and hyped silicone, others catch better than budget ones, while focusing more on shape and color. Accept or deny whose side is not the topic of this article, so I’ll tell you about my experience in using Rubicon’s silicone Ripper.

Rubicon Power Bait Ripper – SC has the classic shape of silicone lures, this geometry is often found in the photo in the reports of anglers. The soft body of the bait is completely ribbed, with a medium-sized heel, with a length of 50 millimeters, the weight is 1.5 grams, a pack of 10 pieces is completed.

In the course of fishing, I tried to devote equal amount of time to both color solutions that I had, what came of it, I will tell below.

Swamp-colored Ripper worked stably, throughout the whole time, black with sequins on the contrary, as if the fish did not notice him. Nevertheless, as the practice of past years shows, black – perfectly shows the results in the fall, well, let’s wait and check.

Due to the volume of the bait, by the standards of microjigging it’s natural, because in this direction they are usually used several times less, the perch most often comes close to the edible size. Yes, there were of course exceptions, but they weren’t about them, because mostly individuals came from 100 grams.

In terms of feeding the bait, I did not bother very much, usually from one to three throws and short pauses to quickly break through the water area and collect active fish, for the passive there are other baits. If the perch was present at the point, then immediately a bite followed and as a rule it was confident and with a click. For all the time, only with one bait the striped managed to tear off the heel and render the silicone unusable, as a whole the bait is made of correctly selected material, soft, but at the same time strong and resistant to silicone.

The white fish Rubicon Ripper-SC also liked it, which was confirmed by the capture of several scavengers, and some of them attacked silicone so that I would never have thought that it was underwear. But most often it was a kind of tweaks, after which the fish simply swallowed the prey, most likely thinking that it was a worm or a leech.

A rare guest in the catch was a transparent zander, which without hesitation after taking a photo went to grow further. Who knows, you will look like this in 5 years, it will become big and will show a real fight when fighting.

As a bonus, I got a handsome striped man weighing a little over 500 grams, which brought a lot of pleasure. A long, emaciated, and as it turned out hungry perch, which, being in “good shape” was at least 700 grams.

Well, in conclusion, I add that Rubicon Ripper-SC took pride of place in the box, although there are only a couple of swamp-colored lures left, but nothing, the price for this silicone is affordable, which means you can easily replenish the collection, that’s all, All LF, with Respectfully Sergey Egoist.

Amanda K. Benson

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