Perch, perch and only perch …

Arriving from the night shift, have a quick breakfast, gather gear and go to the pond, otherwise I will stay at home and just sleep for half a day. It is better to take a walk along the shore of the reservoir, breathe in the fresh spring air so that you can sleep better at night. Even though it is cloudy, suddenly it will peck like on "black stones". He arrived, a car into the bushes around the turn and across the bridge to the treasured path, admiring the beauties of nature and future tasty things on the trees, as a tasty cherry plum ripe so there will be compote fishing.

As one and a half kilometers usually went to places, I quickly assemble a working micro-jig stick, collect loads and baits from 40 mm to 70 mm in a working box, I think it will be enough for a perch and an average pike.

He began the search for a predator with a small Kagami vibro-tail of 50 mm color engine oil, the size is excellent and the form is working. A few idle postings, then already when the bait approached the bank dump and there was a first striped one. After that I persuaded a couple also near the dump, the size is of course average, but it’s nice to catch such sailors with ultra light tackle.

The perch stopped being caught and I went on to the jobs. I’m catching, or rather I’m trying, but there are no bites at all, cast, still cast, quietly. Well, I think one more time and go further. I threw it far and after a couple of revolutions of the coil I cling to something incomprehensible, at first it was a stretch and I thought some kind of scum. But then the hook became rooted to the spot, very neatly and slowly it was still possible to pull it up and it was a network. And when he pulled closer to the shore, he even felt the beating of fish in the net. Several poor spawning crucian carp, a perch and crayfish, he freed everyone and then released him into his native element. An unpleasant incident, it’s good that he did not tear the bait and managed to get the network.

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You can go further to look for a predator that you found at another point. I tried to enlarge on the baits, put the vibro-tail and the passive slug of bright color in the same way, the perch ate the baits without any difference. The water is a little muddy and it clearly shows both the bright and purple colors of the bait, but naturalochki are a little worse.

Transitions and transitions, perch are caught but have not yet found a large accumulation, several individuals and all. It is strange that the pike did not show itself in any way, did not see one today, maybe magnetic storms.

Today the perch was caught not bad, the size is average, in principle, both small and medium of different colors worked on baits. And the striped coastal dump was kept more, on top of which algae had already grown strongly, sometimes preventing them from pulling fish out of the water. After the bite began to calm down noticeably, he gathered the gear and went back home.