Perch Klondike.

Once I drove to my father’s garage and saw him an old rubber boat, sent on a well-deserved rest due to the acquisition of a more modern boat made of PVC material.

The boat, although old, is in good condition and this season it is more than relevant, since the banks of the reservoirs are overgrown with algae and seriously complicate fishing from the shore.

Due to the endless strong wind, it is not possible to go to the reservoir, but you can go fishing in small reservoirs.

The next weekend, I went to a pond unknown to me, found using interactive maps on the Internet, in the hope of catching a predator, at least perchs at the same time to check the integrity of the boat.

The pond turned out to be very interesting, but with a huge number of fishing enthusiasts who are configured to capture peaceful fish, in particular crucian carp.


Crucian is not interesting to me, so I’m rocking the boat, collecting spinning and into battle. Local fishermen encouraged me by saying that I was a little late, as the predator bites only at dawn. Although I arrived at fishing at 4 o’clock in the morning, but this is no longer dawn, our dawn begins at 2 o’clock in the morning.

And here I am on the water. I’m going straight to the place where there were a large number of bursts while I was collecting the boat.

An attempt to catch fish on surface baits did not bring any result, so I urgently decide if I happened to bottom baits in particular a jig. The depth of the pond about 7 meters pleasantly surprised.

The perch did not keep itself waiting, reporting about itself with a sharp bite, but didn’t get caught, only bit off the tail of my favorite SPRUT HORI bait, turning the vibro-tail into a slug. Assuming that the perch is active, I decide not to change the bait, but to fish, as I have it and was right, since the stripes were quite happy with the option without a vibrating heel, perches pecked on each cast.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide photo evidence since I did not take a smartphone with me on the basis of precautions, because the boat is more than 15 years old and it is not known how it would behave on the water. Having caught about two dozen perches, making sure that everything is in order with the boat, I decide to go back to the beach to get a smartphone and stretch a little back, legs that are weaned from the conditions of the boat without a hard floor.

On the shore, I decide to change the bait, try rigging jig rigs in the hope of increasing the size of the potential catch. I return to the place and continue fishing.

The creature in the form of a SPRUT AMAYA crustacean also quickly attracted perch, like the previous bait, but the perch was the same size as it was caught earlier.

I decide to experiment further and radically change the bait, the rattlin SPRUT GURAME 55S acted as the next test subject. In the hope that the perch will be seduced by rattlin, I use the same wiring as before, that is, jig. Perch pecked, but less often and all the bites occurred literally under the boat.

Without thinking twice, I decide to try to catch perch in a plumb line, and then it began: the striped did not let the bait sink to the bottom, attacked often with a strong blow. Fishing turned into an amusement park for perches, which now and then flew into my boat, and then returned back to their native pond.

It lasted about an hour, after which the wind changed its direction and the bites stopped. My legs and back were numb and I decided to finish fishing as I had already drunk enough.

Local fishermen, who caught one crucian carp for two, were very surprised that I could not show them my catch since they saw from the shore that I caught a lot. He informed his colleagues that he immediately released all the fish back to the pond due to uselessness, surprised the men even more.

That’s probably all. I am very pleased with fishing: I caught more than fifty perches, found a new very interesting place for fishing and for one checked the boat.

I rested in body and soul, I charged the battery of positive and health 100%.

Thanks for attention.

Regards AlexPi. +


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