Perch fishing on mormyshka

Winter fishing. Fish for bass on the jig.

Fishing is very interesting and exciting, including winter fishing is very common and loved by many admirers of this most ancient Hobbies of the person. Millions of people around the world, looking forward to the opening of the season of winter fishing. Fishing for perch using, as bait jig one of the most exciting and interesting parts of winter fishing.
Most of the fishermen leaving for my first winter fishing, caught on a jig voracious bass. And this, of course is no accident, winter fishing, this representative of predatory fish on a jig, perhaps the most widespread and common. And perch in the winter and a good appetite, the main thing to choose the place of fishing and tackle.

Among fans of winter fishing, it is believed: “if today the perch are biting, it’s here to stay”. But it is rather misleading. Often, this opinion can undo all the efforts of a fisherman seeking to catch a perch. The population of bass in many reservoirs, usually high, but as fishing on other members of the “fish Kingdom” it is necessary to consider a few things:

First, you must determine which part of the pond and how deep bass is located;
Secondly, it is necessary to determine, with the game jigs that today perch prefers a more active or passive;
Thirdly, it is necessary to determine whether there is a possibility (depth should not exceed three, four meters) to produce the bait bass. Try to catch the moment and how long the perch is perfect for the lure;

Fourth, it is necessary, given all of the above, to define their frighten, i.e. to determine the required thickness of the line and size of jig.

When winter fishing on mormyshka, you should carefully examine the pond. As habitats for perch, often not very deep sections, where at the bottom there are small snags. It is also worth to pay attention, to the wall of reeds, eyebrows and so on.

In most reservoirs the perch is not only in the shallow area, it is distributed throughout the pond, and fishing is possible everywhere, but a small hole, can make “trophy” instance. However, for fishing on a jig, sometimes it makes sense to go with a medium or great depth (s) of this striped predator can be much more than a small plot. It is believed that the most effective perch fishing on mormyshka is a depth of 1.5 – 2 meters.

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