Perch fishing in April

To catch the perch at last ice in April, the case seems to be simple, is much harder to find him on the pond. And the larger the pond, the more labor-intensive. We have a lot to drill the meter thick ice to navigate over long distances, to overfeed the hole, pick up the gear and wiring. To catch bass in early April, for example on beznadejnoi jig – warm and hands don’t get cold. For equipment, it is recommended to choose the easiest rod as I will have to make many frequent mellanlandning “trembling” movements while holding a spinning three fingers almost in a vertical position.

Options of benacazon great multitude, this “hell”, “Uralochka” “goats”, “nymph”, “bed bugs” and “the ants”, “Cobra”, “shackles” and “Balda”, read more here: Bizmathica for beginners: Tips, secrets and fishing techniques. No less effective is possible to catch bass in April on a jig with a nozzle of animal origin (bloodworms, gammarus, etc.). As for the production of perch used spinners and balancers.

With the ice melting large winter flocks of small perch are scattered on smaller that patrolling along the shore in search of food. To catch them you can use a spinning jig, Microdrive bait, small spinners (to increase the casting distance will suit Bombarda). For fishing is shorter, you can use float tackle, as the nozzle will fit and the worm and maggots. For hunting deep bass (it almost does not leave the wintering holes) I usually use the bypass leash or classic jig baits.

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