Passive or active predator bait in winter.

If you think that sometimes the fish prefers only passive baits and does not react in any way to active silicone … in the end I will tell you why not.

Another exit to the river. It’s cold enough out of habit. The cord freezes after an hour of fishing. We started fishing at night in the hope of a fanged one, but he ignored us, there were only a couple of vague contacts and caught one bream … by the hump. After dawn, we went to a familiar area, since last winter it changed here, sandy spits were soapy, spring floods brought new driftwood and branches, the relief of the river changed somewhere. This time I changed the steel leash for Intech 0.505 fluorocarbon, as I was counting on zander more. I caught on silicone and in 2 hours there was only one bite. The change in colors and sizes did not bring success.

We passed a rather large section of the river and even in the working places last year the fish did not bite. Usually in such situations, I change the weight of the load to a lighter one, but this time I put in a large lex porolonium air foam rubber. In winter, I rarely catch foam rubber, in view of its frequent freezing and not the best passability over snags, but there are not many snags in this area.

Literally on the third drive, a clear blow and the first pike on the shore. The most interesting thing is that we just updated this site with silicone within an hour.

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Further more interesting. After a few casts, a clear bite, but past. On the next cast, there is already a clear bite in the hand. This bite is not to be confused with anything. I feel good resistance at the other end and the fish comes to the surface. The partner sees a fish and shouts that it is a large pike, but already near the shore it becomes clear that it is a pike perch.

I have never caught such a size on this river.

During the day I received a few more bites, and there was a large pike descending, all on foam rubber.

As a result of fishing, I thought that today I only bite on passive baits in the form of foam rubber, if not for my partner.

The partner that day caught about 3 or 4 pikes and there were still a few bites and descents, and all on an active dark silicone vibrotail.

From what he caught on active baits, but I could not understand only passive ones, maybe it’s the wiring, although I did not notice any special differences. What do you think?

Fishing was a success !!!