Ozernaya Vostochnaya 09 2020

Ozernaya Vostochnaya River 2020 September 13-18.

On the way from Klyuchi to Petropavlovsk, I caught myself thinking: I missed everything in the summer. The grass and bushes were withered, and it rained from time to time. The multicolored leaves fell abundantly from the trees.

Perhaps this is the only decent fishing this year. The whole summer was spent in damn, interesting, but with unpredictable results, work. With great difficulty, I managed to scratch out a week of vacation. So there are four of us. All with one name.

Saturday flew by in training, and Sunday dawn met us already far from the city. Exactly 732 km were to be covered. Basically, to the north, to the area that was once closed to ordinary people. We drove the last village at about 5 o’clock. There are 170 km left, of which more than half is on a clay road. This time we were lucky, the road was dry and not slippery. Familiar names flashed across the navigator. Toponymy, damn it. Lake Braukrue (I pranced past him on horseback, and the campaign of the Strategic Missile Forces was noisily resting in the coastal bushes). Mostovaya river. It has its own “Bermuda Triangle”. Our group “fornicated” three times in those places. It is still unclear how you can walk along the right bank and not cross the river to be on the left. Urylychen, Bolshoy Okt, Poperechnaya, Uchkaren, Pravy Kozhapk … We got to the destination before dark. There was no time to fish, it was necessary to equip life, cook dinner and so on. The dwelling was a ramshackle hut with four bunks in two tiers. There was an agreement with the owner. Everyone was fine with it, but I decided to spend the night in Delika. Somehow more familiar and calmer. In the morning I waited for the first exit to Ozernaya.

Naturally, they took a boat with a motor with them, but the first exit must be felt with your feet, greet the river from the position of the weak. Moreover, to walk only a few hundred meters. The weather is good, biting. On this day, enough char, several coho salmon and quite a bit of mykizha (in American – rainbow trout) were caught for spinning. A start was made. The river pleased us with its abundance and diversity. But I wanted more.

The second day was somehow poorly remembered. I looked through the photo-video. We were all caught. And I. For some reason, without a boat. Apparently there was not enough determination to drag her to the shore. Life is endless! In the evening we ate salmon caviar.

Day three. The real fishing began. They brought a boat to the river and pumped it up. The Bravo pump is bad. He began to download only after major repairs. Continuous factory defect. I took up fly fishing. Finally.

I brought 4 sticks with me: Kosadaka Mustang 210 7-42, St. Croux 5’6 ” 1 / 32-3 / 16oz, Kola Salmon SF-9005/4 and Tenkara Rod Owyhee. On this trip I only used fly fishing and UL. On a thin cord of the spinning rod I “hung” Blue Fox Vibrax No. 3-4 (overload, of course, but this monster cannot be broken). Everything was caught, from 0.4 to 3 kg. Pulling out is tiring, but real, and there are no gatherings. Fly fishing: nymphs, wet flies and a mouse.

And so we fly upstream, striking a new propeller over the gaps. The end point is the mouth of the Lamutskaya. Nice place, I remember it from previous years. While I was collecting a fishing rod and knitting a mouse, my partners got fishy. The assortment is the same: char, trout and coho salmon. It would seem that there is nothing to catch after them, but the power of the mouse is magical. Just a few sighting casts and, here it is. Kg by 2 (we did not weigh anything (gentlemen take their word for it)). Then a few more pecked, but smaller. That’s it, the topic is closed. My mice are working. I took a bite and changed it to Red Tag. On some rivers at this time he works very well with grayling. But on these rivers there is almost no char, but here there is an abundance. It was a mistake. There were 3-4 loach per one grayling. He began to frantically sort out the flies. But in each there was one or another detail that attracted loaches. This left me disheartened, and I just watched the others fishing. But the axiom is to check the stomach of the desired prey. Apparently laziness won. I, of course, saw that he was feeding on something from the surface, and I saw small, ephemeral black flies flying all over the place and floating on the water. Now, analyzing my behavior, I understand that by that time I had already caught up to the eyeballs.

The day would be over. It ended. The sky is overcast, darkened. Finally, they moved to the night. There was no time to stop, and until the engine was started, we slowly fished for the floated pits and reaches. For some reason, only me pecked ??? With a spinning rod I caught two near-fat grayling and several char. The day ended with a deliciously nourishing dinner accompanied by rain. This time the menu was diversified by grayling tartare.

The last day of fishing has come. The rain stopped at night, it cleared up, but a leaf was added to the water. This time we went to “my” places for coho salmon. Downstream. Of course, on this river without a water cannon is very problematic. Roll on roll, but we got there. Coho salmon was. In abundance. Considering the amount of cargo in Delika, there was almost an overkill. After catching a few, I switched to flyfishing. This time I tied the correct fly, and the grayling was not long in coming. Such a seasoned male. Apparently, the godfather of the surrounding water area, because there were no more bites. I was tempted by several rainbow trout and char, which I unnoticed let go.

On a heavy boat, we somehow got up to the car. The finish. It started raining and it was no longer drizzle, but real. Swirls of leaves and algae swirled in the river. We were already drenched and chilled to butcher the catch. The “medicine” ended yesterday. I was secretly glad of this. Although after fishing in leaky waders, treatment was required. Packing and departure tomorrow.

A little about the peculiarities of feeding lures in the area where they were. The current in those places, at first glance, is not at all fast. Depth from 0.3 to 2 meters. The bottom is rocky and not hooked (that’s the best for jigging). At the same time, the tight stream tends to squeeze everything offered to the fish, if not to the surface, then in half the water. That spinners, that flies. I tried a twister with a cheburaha, and that, in the right phase, did not always touch the bottom. Actually it was not necessary. Only loaches, like true globules, adore bottom feeding. We were not interested in this view. It was worth cutting so many kilometers because of him. And the fish we are interested in (mykizha and coho salmon) are not lazy, and take what is offered in any horizon. From time to time it was possible to trace with our own eyes all phases of the attack and bite. Grayling is a separate topic. He does not bite at everything and not at any time. On a spinning lure when fishing, I “took” it only in the cherished places. You can say I am great. The wiring was done near his face, and then it was a matter of technology. You could take him to the side of the boat and hook him there. Fly. I haven’t tried only “bread”. Because we don’t need so many fish. I tried, in quiet-looking places, nymphs. It bites systematically, but not grayling, but char. Grayling also came across, but rarely. Faced the problem of “tapping the bottom”, he brings everything to the surface and around. I tried a wet fly, spied on the catch (spring). There is absolutely not a single red detail in it, which so excites char. I caught one grayling … and a dozen loaches. I understand that it is necessary to switch to dark crackers, but the “bins” are full. It remains only to cuddle. The last thing I used was an unloaded fly ala MarchBrown in mourning performance. It was she who cut off the char. The grayling pecked in the near-surface layer.

In general, if someone needs large quantities of grayling, stock up on colorful dry flies. However, when I still did not know about fly fishing, I caught these fish (successfully) with a float. Gadfly or wasp nozzle. The wasp is better. On it you can get up to 4 individuals. But remember, the resource is not infinite.

Morning September 18. It rained until midnight, but then it cleared up. The water accumulated in the boat turned into ice. The frost happened not only on the ground, … Nevertheless, they gathered before noon. The way back was consonant with the expression “cow on ice”. Poor Delika was spun in different directions along the road. I almost had to use a winch. All kinds of animals met along the way.

We drove to the Keys for a long time. On the bridge “hooked” the tail, in the form of a fish inspection. Have been tested. All right. Then the tedious road to the city.

And here I am in St. Petersburg. Alive. I’m working. All health and NHNCH!

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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