Hello everyone. Today I want to tell you about the spinning Maximus Ultimatum 24M. Last year, the question before me was, I need spinning for fishing from a boat, but at the same moment I did not want to ignore coastal fishing. Next came the question of what kind of test I would need. Coming out of its conditions, specifically fishing on the riverbed of Voronezh, the Voronezh reservoir, partially the river. Don, diverse ponds with depths of up to 14-16 m, I decided to stop on the test about one ounce. A little earlier I already came across Maximus Ultimatum spinning only with a test for less, well, I decided to look for information about the entire line. As it turned out, the range is quite wide and has 12 rods of different testing and different growths. Well, among the entire line I liked the 24M model.


• Material – High Modulus IMSE Graphite

• Story – ultra-fast (Ex-Fast Action)

• Number of sections – 2

• Design – reinforced plug-in, reinforced (WXW-X)

Flow rings:

• Flow rings with SIC inserts

• Tulip design that prevents line fishing (Antitwisting Tip)

• The design of the frame of the rings, preventing overlapping fishing line (Tangle Free)

• Lightweight, on one support

• The arrangement of rings on the K-Guide System


• Ergonomic design, lightweight spaced construction

• EVA (neoprene)

Reel seat:


• Warm reel seat (Warm Reel Seat), ergonomic design

• Design of the reel seat increasing sensitivity (Super Sensitive System)


• A wire loop for fastening a hook

In simple words, it sounds like this. The form is light, clear, dry, fast, moderately hard, but not counted. Classic, lightweight rings, some of which are on the same frame (usually the first, largest on two frames, the rest on one). Overlapping tulip. The rings are arranged in such a way as to uniformly load the blank when fishing for large fish. The butt part of the spinning is additionally reinforced with graphite (carbon) fibers, which in essence looks like additional stripes laid cross on the cross from the court and the concept (WXW-X).

On shocks, a quick, light, comfortable small handle, spaced, made in a modern style, is easily controlled with a growth of 2.4 m. On sharp swings, parasitic vibrations are practically absent. I would attribute it more to the middle segment. Strict dark design, without extra bright elements. In general, it is done quite simply, but with taste. This spinning is produced at the South Korean plant NS.


The very first fishing I had with him on the Voronezh reservoir from a boat. I used it with a 3000th coil and a 0.8 cord per PE. It is very easy to animate the bait, control the bait. We caught perch on scales from 14 g, in 7 hours the hand did not get tired on the water, time passed quickly and there was a feeling that there was a spinning class in the hands of a lighter class. The casting range pleased, but from the boat it was not so important.

After some time, I decided to test the Ultimatum in more severe conditions. Catching zander from the bridge, not in the plumb line, but in the cast, from a height of 8-10 m approximately. Here everything is the same coil, but already with a 1.2 cord wound around PE. Usually we stand to rinse the bait and wait for the short autumn exits closer to midnight. As a rule, zander came out an hour before midnight and an hour after midnight. But the most important point is the rise of the fish to such a height. Most often, specimens of pike perch were about 350-400 g, but usually at a certain time individuals are larger, sharply the bite first turns off and for some time there is complete silence and at one fine moment a clear click in the hand is the pike perch. Here the fun begins, to bring not a problem, but how to raise it ?! This is where the strength test begins. I lower the tip down and leave a small angle, at the moment of lifting the spinning bends and the tip just looks down. When I lift it up to the bridge, I’m throwing it over the parapet 1.2 m high with the form. As for me, if the spinning rod did not break under such a load, it means it was assembled efficiently, so it is also necessary to take into account the moment that the walls of the form are quite thin.

Catching pike both from the shore and from the boat is pure pleasure. The tip beats on scales from 10 g plus bait (when I consider that I use 1.2 PE braids), it’s not practical to miss the pike bite, it’s not afraid of powerful hooks. From the shore I usually summarize and calmly throw ashore without using the landing net, from the boat more often with the help of landing net. On a cord 0.8 per PE, a step is well tracked on scales from 8 g plus 3 inches rubber.

The most severe test of the spinning was 5 kg pike perch at the beginning of winter, and spring silver carp on a paid pond, which curved decently blank.

I completely forgot, because spinning is universal, even in its growth it can work quite well with wobblers, in my case up to 130 mm, an easy twitch, Stop & Go, and an aggressive tweet of wobblers 100-110 mm. Even though the height of 2.4 m is quite easy to animate the bait.


Spinning Maximus Ultimatum 24M is a very worthy tool in the middle segment. Pluses – easy, sonorous, well lies in a hand, perfectly holds fish. I did not find any cons, there are no superfluous elements, it is simple in appearance and despite the thin walls has a good supply of power. As for me, the ideal tool for coastal fishing on medium rivers and large reservoirs with baits up to 5 inches. I did not try to overload, and I do not advise you, because it is not in vain that there is an upper bound to the test.

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