Overnight fishing !! Opened the season of carp fishing. Carp on flat method. Fishing for peas and boilies.

Finally, the long-awaited fishing trip overnight at the carp took place, which I have not been to for a year !!! The choice fell on the Gorokhovsky pond in Pervomaisky district, Orenburg region. The weather left much to be desired, a strong northwest wind was blowing, the good thing was that there was no rain on the pond, although there was heavy rain when leaving the house. Upon arrival, we decided on a place based on weather conditions and chose a bridge on the dam, so that the wind blew in the back and subsided a little from behind the reed wall and the height of the dam. "Fishing Tea" and a batch of complementary foods for the rockets that were fed at a distance of 60 meters. At about 5 p.m. the first bites began, at first the carp tried a 20mm boy. with mussel flavor, then for 20 minutes. in the landing were 2 carps weighing a little less than 2 kg., which were seduced by peas. Around 20:00, another carp of 3 kg., Could not resist the boil 14 mm. with plum flavor. Closer to sunset, the weather began to improve, the wind died down ….


Amanda K. Benson

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