Over the summer I enjoyed the bites

For the first time in the summer, my husband and I drove overnight. On Saturday, after work, we decided to go, and until Sunday evening. Upon arrival, we managed to swim and catch three more pikes for a couple of hours, one was released to grow up, and the second was left to fry.

And now, having darkened, we prepared dinner for ourselves by frying the meat and pike. The weather is grace, warmth and beautiful starry sky, super.

What not to say in the morning, the weather

Reports from ponds: Over the summer I enjoyed bites

Reports from ponds: Over the summer I enjoyed bites

Reports from ponds: Over the summer I enjoyed bites

coordinated, windfall and cold, which accompanied the whole day. But having taken care of warm things in advance, we were comfortable and warm.

The morning bite was not very promising, there were no bursts. Until nine o'clock they caught a few pikes, and some were sent to their element. I caught another one and let go. Then we rested a bit on the beach, had breakfast and had a nap.

And already at half past ten we were on the water, deciding to catch up to three. And here then during this time I came off to catch pikes. We picked up the golden key to it. Many pikes were caught and many were released back. There was that very feeling of joy from jerking, candles and playing pike. Finally, for the whole summer I enjoyed the bites of pikes. We also caught a couple of perches and one perch, which also sailed safely to grow up.

Reports from ponds: Over the summer I enjoyed bites

And on the way home we met a heron chick.

R. S Caught his brand new bait from Takara up and down, namely Wobbler WIGGLE GLOWN unhooked


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