Over the roach to the Rybinsk Sea

Over the roach to the Rybinsk SeaWere at sea. It’s clear that they rushed after the roach … On arrival, they found a decent crowd that strangled the ruff. I wanted to stay, because I knew that it was here just yesterday that the roach nibbled, but the rest persuaded them to go further into the sea. I had a point in the navigator a kilometer deeper, from which it was possible to push off in search … The first holes are the same ruffs … I enjoy eating a yellow-black “watermelon” on my mormyshka. We run, we drill. Pavel pulled out a perch on a floating line … Again ruffs or even emptiness. Then Pasha worked a miracle again, taking out one hundred and fifty grams of carpentry. Have drilled. The main thing is to catch on a fish! I have a gathering of roaches, and Pasha nearby grazed a perch a pound! Dad was steadily catching balance at that time … Here he has a bite and a good descent under the hole. We agreed that it was a burbot.

And around there is emptiness. For an hour they were spinning at a point – to no avail … I ran away and checked the patina hole – and there is a difference of 40 cm compared to ours. Yes, and we literally have a difference of about 25 cm in depth at 10 m. Local anomaly. It could not be that there were only three fish! Or maybe she doesn’t like my mormyshka? Change to the classic trait. Of the nozzle, two red beads and one white. In the end, it bothers me, and I run back a hundred meters to the side. A dozen postings – empty. Around a clean field – not a single hole. I'm leaving another fifty meters. In my head listlessly: "Everything is useless" The first posting … A nod moves … A roach of 300 grams jumps on ice! Beauty!!! A few more postings, but a little smaller. I took it after a radical change of game from smooth swinging to frantic shaking.

I call everyone to myself. We are drifting harder – and again quietly! And my father again got a burbot gathering, this time on a spoon. I see how a peasant two hundred yards pulled someone like a burbot. The weather is fabulous: quiet, the morning breeze has subsided. Catching on Mormykh is a pleasure. Pasha retreats a little more carefully and catches a carpentry. Yeah! Dad takes out a mormyshka and immediately also catches a carpenter. And the roach is good! I check the "burbot" hole. It turns out that there again the depth goes up, and more carefully – half a meter deeper! The dump? A pair of holes – and several carpentries. We drag it, but it doesn’t take it very much – they torment the gatherings …

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Three are moving from the sea in our direction. We are encrypted. But they, fortunately, noticed a burbot, casually thrown by a neighbor on the ice, and go to it. I’m smashing more carefully, and again the depth has gone up! Cana fault? Or is the pit local? Two people remain next to us: a driver and one of the “sea” trinity. There is a feeling that we are alone for a while. And for sure. A peasant, without catching a burbot, passes by us, and dad just at that time turns out a good carpentry. Sits down at a distance. There are already four of us! I’m moving a little more – along the edge drawn in the head of the ditch. I’ll bore it and it’s extremely successful! Roach presses well, you have to even hand over the fishing line (0.12) several times until you get into the hole! Beauty for a pound – a pure bar of silver! Under the foot!

How I hate the devil when fishing roaches! The number of gatherings has already equaled the number of fish caught. And what gatherings! After a long fishing and a creak of fishing line, passing through clenched fingers, another rook falls off right in the hole! I see her, I try to grab it with my hand, but I just push it deeper, shaking my tail with my fingers goodbye … I squeeze my sleeve and decide to cut the hell out of figs! I put mormyshka "under the nymph" with large yellow beads. Things get better right away! Meanwhile, a burbot neighbor joins us and immediately begins to catch … That's not a pity, but there are already five of us! According to my feelings, until the moment when a crowd sitting in a kilometer runs to us, there is only a little bit left …

Behind, five hundred meters, three more walk. Notice our movements? Of course! Move in our direction! And from the crowd you can already hear the roar of "snowballs"! The first cabinet of the most impressive kind appears, which immediately decides to occupy the patina's hole, arrogantly passing between us. He was sent to drill on his own … And he went! People all arrived. At some point, the people didn’t go
only from the coast, but also from the sea. And then an unpleasant thing happened – the snow fell. The wall! He shouldn’t start an hour earlier! Who would then see us and beat us! No, it was clearly not our day, but the day of the crowd … Roaches pecked widely, and it soon became clear that the bottom here was cut in small ditches, and in addition, shorted. People swore at the cliffs. Some pulled out fish "under a kilo." We also did not lag behind, but in general, after the appearance of the crowd, the roach became smaller …

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We sat down to eat and exchange experiences. Bate managed to catch a dozen and a half dozen carpentries from the hole. I have more than 10 pieces failed. Probably just did not have the patience. Paul also did not lag behind. A large perch broke the hook at his floating line, and Pasha replaced him with a watermelon in the uralk. For the first time, a man was fishing for a nonsense, and you just had to see his game! At first, I strongly doubted that if you make three or four strokes with a mormyshka for posting, then the fish would peck at such a game. No matter how! Roach ate Mormyha – and with what pleasure! It’s difficult to describe Mormyshka’s father’s face: it’s some kind of strange homemade product that has been hanging on his fishing rod for several years, having caught a huge amount of roach and perch tails during this time. I only note that for some reason our entire team on this day preferred the yellow color of the beads …

Having fled again, we wandered around the previously drilled holes, collecting a fish or two … After being lazy to catch from the knee, we fished while standing. It turned out … It is strange that there were no perches. From “not a roach” for the whole team, I alone managed to catch the only husterina. Two Pashiny perch caught to the roach does not count. At some point, the roach was turned off. We did not twitch, reasonably believing that now it was the turn of the crowd to look for fish. After all, more than fifty people have already gathered around us! And soon a little aside the fish was still found. But an unpleasant surprise was a change in her behavior: roach began to take the worm from the bottom. And only from the bottom! No matter how we tried to seduce her into the game, there weren’t even touch-roads …

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In general, I encounter such a situation periodically. As soon as a certain number of people nearby begins to catch "freeze", they cut down the rewinder, although before that it had completely torn worms by the number of fish. Apparently, this changes the forage behavior of the flock. Some individuals begin to pick up food from the bottom, and seeing this, all the other fish also switch to searching for food at the bottom, ignoring the moving bait … Realizing that nothing shines here, we moved along the old holes. But the roach left the illuminated place. They decided that it would be nice to knock the burbot, but by this time they were already banging their teeth. Raw snow stuck to clothes and melted right there. Collar, sleeves are all raw. Flowed down my knees … And yet, run a run to catch the holes. In almost all mormyshka jumps on the roots of snags, sometimes failing for half a meter.

We were the last to leave the ice … And let the fish be "taken away" from us, but still we were pleased that we ourselves found roaches in the field, but what! And indeed a good fishing happened.

author Alexey GALKIN

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