One day at Lipovskoye Lake!

September 7 on Lipovskoye Lake in the very "heart" of the Kurgolovsky Peninsula was to be held, which has already become traditional, a festival for fishing perch with spinning from boats – Lipovsky Bass 2019.

But for certain reasons, the event was canceled. Although we were upset, we did not change our plans and on Thursday evening we moved to the lake in order to have a great time and stretch ourselves on the perch!

Friday morning met quite a strong wind and rain. They didn’t hurry with the exit, they prepared a hearty breakfast, pumped up a boat, gathered gear … In the area of ​​10 hours they went into the water and began to comb the coastal dump. According to the experience of past years, the runner vibro-tails and various creatures in dark colors worked best, it was with them that we started this day.

Alexander from the second setting opens an account, catches an odd perch on the Sprut Kagami 70, and after a couple of minutes I bite and the kilogram bream ends up in the net. This is not the first time that Sprut Amaya's dynamic jerk wiring seduces “slippery” friends!

Reports from ponds: One day on Lipovskoye Lake!

Reports from ponds: One day on Lipovskoye Lake!

A vigorous start is replaced by several hours of complete lack of bite, dozens of casts and frequent changes of performances do not bring results. We decide to pause and have lunch. A hearty snack on a picturesque beach surrounded by chic pine trees charges a new portion of energy, and now we are ready to continue the hunt for striped robbers! At the next performance, Sani has a strong blow, seconds of resistance and a cut, offensively … But pike is not the main goal! We move around and buddy still catches the real "Lipovsky bass"!

Reports from ponds: One day on Lipovskoye Lake!

There is hope for a result, but instead of large perches we see another pike cut and a tiring clock without contact with the fish. In the meantime, things are moving towards evening, nothing is left for fishing. We leave for the next promising site, which, unlike other interesting places, is replete with fry. At one point, the water literally boils from the constant bursts of fish children.

I make a cast and on the 2nd step I get a bite, good resistance, and a spotted beauty is shown on the surface! After a while, the situation repeats. Throwing into "boiling" water, a few revolutions of the coil and a powerful blow! A pleasant weight on the other end of the cord, and a friend takes pike perch for one and a half. Sprut Hori 70 in dark color worked.

Reports from ponds: One day on Lipovskoye Lake!

Reports from ponds: One day on Lipovskoye Lake!

It would seem that zander is a great fish, which you can complete this fishing day, but no! There is only a couple of casts of time left and it turns out that they are enough to load the spinning again! All the same Hori 70 on 12 grams and another "honest" bream in the boat, it was he who was destined to become the snotty point of today's fishing.

Reports from ponds: One day on Lipovskoye Lake!


For 9 hours on the pond, we were not able to find a flock of perch, but given the species diversity of the fish caught, this fishing can be called with certainty, albeit not the most successful, but at least interesting!


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