Ob fly fishing


What is Ob? Ob is a liquid substance, consisting of water and fish dissolved in it, given to Novosibirsk by God and fate in order for us, its inhabitants, to be happy. Well, but seriously, this is one of the greatest rivers in the world, on the banks of which stands our large metropolis. The combination of such conditions everywhere and inevitably leads to the formation of their own fishing schools of spinning, fly fishing, etc.

By “school” is meant a well-developed system of catching one or another gear in relation to each individual fish species by season, time of day, search, applied imitations and features of their feeding.

Indeed, all the major rivers of our country are very different, even externally – from the train window. The Volga is blue, Kama is brown, Irtysh is yellow, Yenisei is steel-gray, Cupid is like coffee with milk, and the Ob is greenish. What can we say about the temperature regime, width-depth, hydrodynamics, soil, forage base, species composition, etc. For example, fishing in the Novosibirsk region and in the applied imitations and in their presentation is significantly different from the school of the nearest Krasnoyarsk. Although, it would seem, both the Ob and the Yenisei, the rivers of the northern runoff, flow in parallel, side by side.

The rivers of the southern runoff, for the standard we take the Volga, and the species composition, and bio-productivity is certainly richer than the Ob, which also leaves its mark, creating differences in fishing approaches. For example, the Ob ide, which we will talk about in more detail, successfully occupies the niches of such Volga fish as asp, chub and chekhon. Much more on the Ob has to pay attention to search, because rivers of northern runoff are much colder and more unfriendly to fishermen. At certain times, for many kilometers, the Ob is empty. Fish migrates, leaving the most attractive “apartments” in appearance, occupying far from all promising points or sites. It is absolutely real for the whole conscious life, using perfect gear, to fish on the Ob and to remain without a catch. Catching anything in our harsh river on the “Lazar's boggle”, in the first place that comes across, is like trying to shoot a bear from a carbine — blindfolded, in the middle of the Siberian taiga. Although it happens differently, occasionally the Ob gets good.

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If in some small river ideal for fly fishing, some changed breeze is capable of changing its entire inner life, then everything is global on the Ob, like its width, length, depth and speed of the flood. All processes occurring in it are unshakable and worked out for thousands of years. For example, with the advent of a huge number of juvenile fry, not a single predator will chase last year’s nimble fry, with a developed sense of danger, and not a single “peaceful” fish will bite “bekaras” (hard houses of caddis flies) with its swallowing teeth. In nature, everything is “tied” to food and everything follows the path of least resistance – everyone eats a year-old.

If a caddis flies to the Ob, for example, a big brown or a "black wing", then neither people nor equipment will save from it. Butterflies climb over the collar of the shirt, into the ears, nostrils and clog the Whirlwind carburetors. And the clouds from the white Ob mayfly are black and buzz like a bee swarm. So the high-voltage wires hum in a strong wind. Well, what is a typical predator, especially a “weak” perch is not confused? Why would he drive the fry, waste his strength?

A bit of history

With all of the above features, an own spinning school has arisen on the Ob. For fish such as pike perch, perch, ide, bream, pike, dace and whitefish, it has taken shape. The Ob fly fishing, of course, is ahead and its development will be based, in many respects, due to the achievements of the Ob spinning, taking into account the difference in the supply of imitations.

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Let us plunge into recent history – a science that does not like emotions and respects dates, numbers and facts without embellishment. So, the Ob fly fishing – how it really was, where it all began.

To be continued…

Sincerely, Sergey Shatalov.