Hiking for 20 km, garbage underfoot periodically familiar smell … I have not been here for a long time, I have been waiting for this for a long time.

Moscow river – meet.

Itchy legs will help to relieve only the exorbitant enthusiasm of the angler, and maybe insanity … here, as they say, from every bell tower …

For what? Stuff fish in the refrigerator, no, it’s for other “comrades”. For just a fish? Not quite so either. For the atmosphere, meetings, bites.

Well, fish is certainly desirable.

More than half a year has not been on the river. It is not yet clear where and what. We study slowly, like the first time.

Foam rubber is held in high esteem. He’s following me.

Predatory bream peck on 3-inch rubber on the branch. The perch fell silent. Until everything is as it should be. But this is only in my head. We collect information from practice bit by bit, the picture will be. Must be. It always builds up, even if not immediately.

In the meantime, though rare, but sonorous bites are transmitted by the top 3 of my sticks for this river:

1. Maximus Dreamer 832

2. Maximus Egoist le 802l

3. Maximus Pulse 762ul

This is not a budget, this is the middle and top segment.

As for the clothes, there are several new information about the Graff jacket.

At +8, you can safely wear only her + thermukha (Alaskan man guide c)

+4 and a fierce north wind – thermoha + light jacket

It was about forty minutes in a light rain – it was not wet, although it was not declared as waterproof. Impregnation however.

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P. with a pike tumbled Artemka – young is growing.

That’s all for now.