North V2.0 – Pike Crocodiles

What can I tell you about fishing places "in the north"?

I will say this: there is plenty of fish, but getting to it so far is difficult and dreary that God forbid!

(eatery "away from wives" – the devil is on the cakes!)

And without good friends on the spot – this is generally impossible.

So from Moscow I fly to Chelyabinsk, and then? Then my friends with whom we have to travel 1350 km by car, sail 120 km on a ferry and another hundred on a boat just take me away …

We will live on this boat, go fishing with it.

Where does the "beast" live?

Now let's calculate: 1350km from Chelyabinsk to Nyagan, we fly by good cars somewhere in 15 hours non-stop.

It’s hard, but tolerant, since two drivers succeed at the slightest sign of fatigue.

The next 120km on the Ob we pass by ferry for … 13 hours! After all, the speed of this "modern" watercraft, like half a century ago, does not exceed 8-9km / h. Our ferry is a barge full of cars.

If you want, sit in the car; if you want, stay. And if you want, fall if you, for example, are a trucker and you have room to “fall” in the cab.

In summer, the sun fries directly into the cabin, if the wind and bad weather – it floods the barge so that it’s scary to stick out …

Last year, the barge won’t freeze altogether. People were removed, and cars – only when they opened the winter road …

The remaining 100 kilometers, on a wonderful boat from the 50-60s of production, we go through another 12.5 hours and here we are – you can fish!

Only “pure” travel time, along with the plane, is typed 43 hours, and “dirty” … It’s better not to remember.

This is something incompetently lost due to the unhurried "northern technology" that literally freezes!

Interestingly, somewhere in the world there is something else with a motor that floats for hours or rides at a speed of 8-9km / h ??

Well, maybe a camel in the desert, so he walks with his feet and also without a motor …

The only way to speed up the process is to bring along a boat with a fast, modern engine, which some of our friends did.

Having loaded the boat to the eyeballs, they went ahead and, having flown the "hundredth" in 2 hours, waited for us on the boat, while we "teleported" on the barge for half a day and a beast was slowly infested …

Well, the matter is being done, and the fairy tale is telling, and now, having brought along several PVC plates, motors, products and other things, which a whole car and trailer had accumulated, having overcome all difficulties and distances, we found ourselves on the Severnaya Sosva River …

The water is the color of coffee with milk and the coast, inhabited by cedars and bears – this is all the northern beauty.

But there is something special about it – unfriendly, enticing and truly wild.

Our boat burst open at six in the morning. After going on it for a couple of hours, we could not stand it – we inflated the boats and went far ahead to our fishing places. The ship sailed for itself slowly and in the evening caught up with us …

The squadron is advancing.

The composition of our "squadron" included: a boat with 70 horses overboard, PVC with 9.9hp. and a broken-down cauldron, which we took from a local resident and equipped it with our motor.

To move more briskly, 4 people got into the boat (including me), two and one on the casserole nestled on PVC – so everyone calmly went out on the glider and could go at maximum speed. The forces were not equal – on the boat, we very briskly ran far ahead and were the first to start fishing …

The very first cast of poisonous green baubles brought me a nod: someone hit, but hit too loudly for the pike. Yes, and the resistance of the fish was some strange, pike is not peculiar at all. Until the very end, I did not understand whom I was pulling and was genuinely surprised to see a very decent ide!

We heard that large ides are found here, but we didn’t catch fishing … There were serious wounds on the fish’s body – traces of teeth of local evil “crocodiles”.

The joyful rushed on and … in the middle of the river they sat on a sandy ground! If she was amiss, well at least they didn’t hurt anything. It only happened when one of us, in the highest boots, jumped overboard and dragged the boat to a deep place. At the same time, of course, he scooped up full boots of water, which greatly amused the whole of our ungrateful brethren.

Squealing like children!

In general, we found ourselves in the same places as last year, only this time the water was higher, and "outside" much warmer.

What could change in such conditions and whether there are fish in these places now – we did not know. The first castings responded with a strange "silence."

We move in search of fish and stumble upon a very interesting place: sand and a flat depth of about one and a half meters, and then a stone ridge sharply appears with a decent dump.

It happened to us that in all new places we begin to catch on baubles. I already wrote that you can also catch wobblers here, but the effectiveness is less …

For myself, I chose a spinner DAM Effzett Standart 45g. – the ratio of the area of ​​the spinner to its weight, allows you to catch as shallow places (because the spinner perfectly holds the horizon even with slow wiring), and makes it possible to "break through" a deep ridge or brow.

It was driving the bait from shallow to depth, and even striking it on the stones at the bottom, we were able to wake up the local "crocodiles" …

Pikes pecked off test!

When biting, they did not shake their heads, did not make candles, and did not run like mad from side to side. They simply imposingly and irresistibly barraged somewhere in the depths, and for the first minutes you had only to admire how your cord, under incredible tension, slowly, like oil cuts water …

From such fishing we, adult men, literally screeched like children!

Give bigger!

The next day, having quenched my fishing hunger a bit, I decided to experiment with Big Size lures. For this I have in store: a pair of 140mm Jerks Effzett Jerkstar, hybrid bait Effzett Kick-S Minnow 200mm and, most importantly, very funny silicone catfish Effzett Catfish 200mm.

I forgot to mention that I took two sets of gear to the boat.

The first one, let’s say, is a general-running one: a Sakura Trinis Neo spinning rod up to 40g, a Mitchell RZ reel with a Sakura 8X-Sensibraid 0.16mm cord and 30cm DAM titanium leads. This is the most universal option for the north – when you can throw almost any baubles and pull out absolutely any monsters.

The second set was exclusively for large and heavy baits: casting up to 100g + mult + thick cord, the diameter of which I do not even remember. And necessarily specially jerked, thick, steel leashes DAM.

Knowing the local depth, I realized that the slowly drowning jerk was out of place here, but for the sake of the experiment I dropped it, in the hope that the pike could rise behind a large bait and from the depths.

Expectations are justified, but not to the end – I began to catch relatively small (four kilograms) pikes that swallowed the 140mm bait so deep that extracting the jerk turned into a small operation …

Somics are hypnotists.

Next in line were the “soft catfish” Effzett Catfish – I had two options: with a shad tail and a tail like a twister.

Despite the fact that catfishes look very cute (their antennae alone make you smile involuntarily),

they are real machines for catching trophy pike!

Under their silicone bodies lies a solid metal frame with sharp SUMO hooks, which are attached to the "skeleton" on a powerful swivel and a piece of wire with a bend. This wire is stuck into the body of the bait and presses the hook closer to the body, but disconnects when biting. It turns out that the pike bites only the tee, and the soft body of the catfish hardly suffers. In the end, a few dozen pikes were able to spoil the bait, but I “welded” it with a lighter without any problems and the catfish became almost like new.

So, the first I took a “twister” catfish and decided to see how he plays – to spend it on the surface for a couple of meters. I looked directly! Somik mesmerized me, his tail played so cool and lively. I threw and looked, looked and threw …

Finally, I overpowered myself and lowered this miracle to the bottom of the river, where I led it as slowly as I could …

You may not believe it, but sometimes I could barely hold my spin with the dough up to 100g in my hands – they attacked my bait so fiercely.

Oh, and these northern pikes are strong!

When fighting, I even rested the spinning in my stomach and pumped out pike, like real sea monsters. By God I’m not lying! You can make sure – and now the whole stomach is bruised!

The fox man is not a friend.

If last year a bear climbed onto our deck, then this year everything was limited to a curious fox. The Ognevka went up to our boat and, not at all afraid of the flashlight aimed at it, looked for something and dug on the shore.

I won’t be surprised if this fox never saw people. Only after I called out to her: "Hello, buddy," did the fox startle and briskly run away. We threw her a present – a pike head, but she did not return. It seems that we are not her friends …

Bummer with a trophy perch.

To catch pikes, even large ones, also bored … From other fishermen and from the captain we heard that a large perch is found upstream. Just the same trophy: a kilogram or more. Well, how not to catch such beauties !?

Our captain gave full speed ahead and in some four and a half hours we sped 35 kilometers to the perch places. And here we have a real roll!

Here in past years, striped robbers walked in clouds: in the middle of the river is a hefty pebbly and sandy island, on the left is the channel, and on the right is a very shallow rift that goes one and a half meters deep.

Imagine our disappointment when we realized that besides small pike (up to 3 kg) almost no one lives here.

Perch came across very, very rarely and was the size of … palm !!

Well, what an obsession it is.

There was hope for the evening

when large pikes can reach feeding shallows …

Green vs carrots.

I already mentioned that throughout our last trip we tested new, experimental colors for DAM spinners. Then the poisonous green became the main favorite.

Zelenaya did a great job this year too, defeating the “classics”, but an interesting fact: when, by evening, a friend put up an “orange carrot” (also from new colors) for experiment, he caught a pike of decent size almost immediately!

I also put the orange and also immediately caught a decent copy!

Coincidence or not?

An obscene name.

Whether carrots or some other lure, but the pike on the roll was not the one in our main place, but there was no large perch at all. We decide to go upstream on a large and high-speed boat.

The guideline was a sharp narrowing of the river called "Maryina hole."

Well it had to slap such a name! Well, men, well, bawdy!

Here, the fish was even worse and we, in search of it, again went higher until we saw a village of a dozen houses. We are interested in men – where is the fish here and is there a mobile connection?

Of course, we received exhaustive answers from the category: yes, here is the river – here is the fish … And the connection? Communication is not far away – another 70km upstream ….

Clearly, bye, bye …

Having traveled around and having caught a bunch of shallow pike and only one normal ide, we decided to return to the base.

It's a shame, but it turned out that another precious day was wasted.

Pikes are waiting, but the captain is not.

The time allotted for fishing is running out, and then the captain sailed away about his business, ordering the assistant to stand still, not to anchor and not move anywhere without it. Well, what can you do? We’ll have to go to checked places in the morning, and come back in the evening …

Pike, unlike the captain, were waiting for us in the old place and started pecking with the same excitement.

I start fishing with a hefty, twenty-centimeter silicone hybrid with a complex inner frame and a tail lobe – Effzett Kick-S Minnow. Oh and fun to catch them! A few "steps" and a hefty pike eats it whole, which is called offal – two hooks and a spinner …

The pike mouth is truly huge, the throat is bottomless, and the appetite is insatiable!

In the medium-sized pike that we prepared for dinner, a large, undigested mackerel was found, and she still managed to get ahead of the goods and eat one of our baubles …

Catching large baits is great, but somewhat tiring, and it’s not comfortable to wave 150 grams together in an inflatable boat …

I am returning to the baubles again, especially since my partner successfully repeated the trick of the last year: I disconnected the 45 gram DAM Twin spinner and got two halves of 22 g each. Spoon-bait became twice easier and it can be thrown by any spinning. The most important thing is that the area of ​​the spinner itself remains large, which is just perfect for fishing with very long pauses, when the spinner slowly hovering near the bottom like a real autumn leaf.

It was on such a long pause that the comrade picked up another giant!

What kind of struggle, I tell you, was a struggle …

Spinning Sakura Sportism Neo (35g) bent into an arc, a pike several times went under the boat and a friend lowered the spinning into the water almost to the reel! Everything bends, everything squeals! Class !!

But, despite the light tackle and stubborn struggle, the giant was subdued and took its place of honor in our photo archive.

A similar situation was repeated on a neighboring boat – we saw our friends literally running from one side to the other, shouting something, trying to feed the mother pike.

Great trophy!

Unfortunately, the eighty millimeter half from DAM TWIN flew so deep into the mouth of the pike that it was not possible to save it, and we took the photo already on the shore.

The vein of the tester is probably in my blood. Well, it’s not interesting to me “like everyone else”. I find in the box the biggest range of Sakura Skoon Fat amazingly realistic perch colors … I drop it into the water, lay it on the bottom and lift it with sharp, long jerks.

And again, in the fall, I pecked at the final, perhaps my most vicious crocodile of this trip!

What more could you ask for in this life ?!

Such was the final day of our adventure in the north of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug.

Next we had to pack our things, put down the spinning rods and wash the boats from the pike slime. Dozens of hours of ships, ferries and cars awaited us again.


Already on the ferry a comic situation happened to us. Out of boredom and complete idleness, we watched some stupid series in the car … Some of us fell asleep, some went out to stretch ourselves …

But no one, no one remembered that it was necessary to start the car for at least an hour …

And now, on the next series, everything goes out, and the battery does not even “grunt”!

We are in a panic …

Thank God, it turned out that we are not alone, the situation for the ferry crew is familiar and it has a “reanimation” charger in it.

It was funny and a little annoying! After all, we, the inveterate conquerors of the north, fell for the typical mistake of tourists – amateurs.

Amanda K. Benson

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