No hooks with Rubicon.

When fishing with microjig, and in general with spinning, in principle, in most cases I fish with open hooks, but there are such places and conditions that you simply cannot do without an offset hook, since you start to lose the bait one by one and the mood from constant bandaging falls … Yes, and with an offset hook there is a risk of losing the bait, but still it tends to zero, rather than when compared with an open one. Today we will talk again about budget consumables, this time about those that I use in microjig fishing.

Rubicon hooks in sizes 6 and 8 cover all types and sizes of lures in a microjig, they are made of fine wire, and are packaged in 10 pieces per pack. The large eyelet gives complete freedom, even with collapsible chebur shaks, in which the paper clip is made of wire with a diameter of 0.4.

Reviews: No hooks with Rubicon.

Excellent sharpening, which retains sharpness for a long time – technology does not stand still. Rubicon hooks perfectly pierce even the bony mouth of zander and reliably hold the predator. I have not recorded any cases of loss of geometry on the fish, and after unbending on the toe, it is easy to return to its former shape, even without the help of a tool.

Reviews: No hooks with Rubicon.

Unfortunately, so far, except for the striped robber and pike-perch, other predatory or peaceful fish, it was not possible to catch, but nothing is still ahead.

Reviews: No hooks with Rubicon.

For very little money, about 60 rubles per pack, we get good quality and at the same time consumables available to everyone, thanks to which it is possible to save the bait, and time, and mood during fishing, and that’s all, Everyone NCHNKh with Respect Sergey Egoist!

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