Night Street Phishing 08/16/09

The first photo of this report reflects the essence of parapet street phishing. It also captures all the components of success – the proven light spinning class (Black Hole Classic S-240), lightweight and modern reel (Daiwa Ballistic LT 3000D-CXH), high-quality cord (Daiwa J-Braid Grand X8 0.6 PE) , catchy bait (Evergreen Sledge-6 SP), and of course, a hoist (in my case, the cage plays its role). For many lovers of urban fishing, the latter attribute is not mandatory – most simply, as they say, "do not bother." At the same time, raising, say, on the same 0.6th cord of a fluttering carcass weighing close to a kilogram is a dubious action, with rather high chances of failure. The peak load that falls on the cord during fish "dances" when climbing the parapet can be several times the mass of the fish being lifted – this is simple physics, and it's silly not to take it into account. And in the case of a bite of a trophy specimen in an “uncomfortable” place, the angler can only shrug his hands in frustration, in an attempt to imagine the size of the trophy not raised to the parapet. I must say, I myself have repeatedly found myself in a similar situation, and I can assure you – this is very annoying.

As for my last outing – it was a pretty pleasant walk, which lasted from about 11 pm – until 3 in the morning. Sudak reluctantly manifested itself on the traditionally slow wiring of dip dip wobblers, making itself felt with rare empty bumps. But, it was only necessary to accelerate and add twitching elements – and the fish immediately took the bait, surprising me with unusually vigorous resistance. Soon, they managed to "push" and one more. Also, I did not fail to visit the hunting sites of a large asp, which periodically showed itself with blows, and even held one on the hook for a couple of seconds. Unfortunately, the powerful fish immediately left, and on the next cast the perch grabbed the bait – a small consolation prize. By the way, perch now reacts very actively to wobblers – during fishing I saw several episodes with spectacular attacks of perch groups of 4-5 fish, and a couple of times I had to literally shake striped ones from the hook – I didn’t go after them.

Reports from Ponds: Night Street Phishing 16/08/09

Reports from Ponds: Night Street Phishing 16/08/09

Reports from Ponds: Night Street Phishing 16/08/09

Reports from Ponds: Night Street Phishing 16/08/09

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