"Newbie Notes" Part 1 – "First Steps in Spinning"

Hello to all fishermen and fishermen!

Like many visitors to this site, and indeed many compatriots, the attitude to fishing evolved from childhood. I then lived on the Academy, to the shore of the Ob River ride a bike for 20 minutes. So we spent almost the whole summer catching fishing through trial and error. Then study, work, adult life … not to go fishing somehow. And here came a change in life, when you can afford a hobby, a love for which is grafted from a young age. After all, you remember all your life the heaviness at the end of the fishing line, that joy and excitement from what you caught (!)

But it was not so easy to return to these emotions. Wherever you go, some new names, new tackles, new ways. Jig, wobbler, twister, popper, silicone, feeder … what is all this? I missed a lot.

And the price of gear? Spinning for 15-20 thousand rubles … Is it from precious metals or what? In general, I decided to understand whether it is possible at the present time, without having a large budget and experience, to catch a predator of all sorts of good sizes on an equal basis with mother fishermen.

Just then I saw testing on the site from the SibBear company. I looked for information, found out that the company produces its gear in China, that the quality completely satisfies the price tag and decided to buy from them. By that moment, I already more or less understood what spinning, test, operation is. I decided to stop at something universal and bought a stick from the new series FullRange 9 (3330 rubles). Since the boats are not foreseen in the near future, Iā€™m going to fish from the shore, so the length was the decisive criterion – 2.74 meters with test 7-28. To stick stick recommended Arowana 3000 coil (1980 rub).

It is difficult for me to assess the quality of performance, but everything looks very decent and decent. I think that it is necessary to check in combat conditions. Scored along the way cargo lures. And in the first weekend with friends went to fish.

As it usually happens, everything does not come right away. The first two trips were empty in terms of fish. But they became lessons in the knowledge of spinning. How to throw, how to play the bait, how to assemble this or that equipment, everything was, though not a wonder, but almost not known. I appreciated the lightness of the stick, although with my zeal in casting and posting the brush was still tired. Hundreds of watched videos, dozens of read articles and the confidence that I will succeed fueled the excitement. And on Saturday, July 27, I go to where the fish is exactly.

Right bank of the Ob from the channel. Great beach to combine business with pleasure. While the kebab was grilling, a network was pulled ashore

straight hindered casting.

Enjoying the most delicious meat, we noticed a brood of ducks swimming in the next small creek. Feed bread.

When the sun began to set, the first castings began. I tried a bypass leash, tried a jig, various wobblers. Not even a bite! But I'm stubborn.

A friend went to sleep around twelve o'clock. I'm already losing hope continued to throw. Changed a wobbler, put the smallest, below the test – 6 oz. And then a neighbor, Valera, trying to save his coasters from the fact that I accidentally hooked them advised very slow wiring. I listened to an experienced fisherman and now … finally I felt that at the other end of the thread something was quivering. I notice, I pull up – there is a darling !!! Even forgot that you need to take a picture of the firstborn. And the water around really boils. Young perch feeds. This is where my fishing went. In about an hour, three more pranksters and a gathering. But I did not feel any resentment.

In the morning, when the pike perch had already gone to the depths, they threw the feeder and caught several podleschikov, welded their soup and went home happy.

The task is at least completed!

Valera and his wife hi ardent!

The conclusion is simple: patience and work !!! Season predator still ahead, I am armed and purposeful. Thank you all for your attention, wait for the following reports.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

Hi, my name is Amanda K. Benson. Since you, dear reader, have appeared on the page of my blog, it means that you are interested in something. Then you need to know who is writing these articles for you. We will meet and I will tell you a little about myself.

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