Mysterious RAFT CHIGIRINSKOGO Reservoir. or how the competition “MARMYSHKI MASTERS 2020” was held

On Saturday 26.12.2020, our Tinka Tinka team consisting of Igor Kidakov, Ivan Ivanov and I took part in the competitions organized by Vabik, which took place at the Chigirinsky reservoir.

On the eve of Friday, we arrived for training to check what the locals prefer. As a result, we found out that it is more promising to fish for roach than for perch, which responded well to bait and supplementary feeding and, of course, was several times larger than perch. But there was one snag – it didn’t bite everywhere … The best depth was 5-5.4 meters and the task was to get to this depth. We also found out that zone C will be the zone of “death”)) And Vanya got into this zone, where during the whole tour he caught only 4 fish, which allowed him to take 5th place!

Igor coped with the task by 100% becoming the second in the zone, losing only a little to the eminent athlete Ivan Zen!

I also performed well on the tour, completely followed the plan and everything worked out)) I managed to take a corner with the required depth and then put the roach on two holes, between which the whole round was caught. And with a weight of 1555g he won zone A !!!)

As a result, our team scoring 8 points takes the FIRST PLACE in these competitions! HURRAH)))

And I completely forgot, I also have a big fish roach 114 g, which bypassed the previous big fish perch (113 g) by only 1 g !!!!

Thanks to the organizers, judges and participants for this holiday – everything was cool!

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Long live the Belarusian Mormyshka !!!